Election 2023: Coalition talks continue with National planning to remain in Auckland over weekend

National is expecting to remain in Auckland for the weekend as coalition negotiations continue with no clear end date.   

Asked on Friday morning whether coalition talks with ACT and New Zealand First would drag on over the weekend and still be going on Sunday, National leader Christopher Luxon would only say the negotiating parties were making "great progress".   

"We will work our way through the different conversation points that we have. When we're ready, we'll come to Wellington."  

He said National would remain in Auckland for the weekend. National was back at the Cordis Hotel in central Auckland on Friday, where coalition negotiations took place on Thursday as well.    

"There's a lot for us to discuss. Every party is showing up with their full manifesto and we've gone through it line item by line item to understand what we are aligned around, what we can accept, what we know is important for each of the parties to their manifestos and what are the things that we can't accept?"   

Luxon wouldn't discuss what stage discussions were at with each party but said conversations had been "constructive".    

Asked if he was hopeful that the parties would finalise policy matters on Friday, Luxon said: "We're going to work hard every day.  

"We want to progress the issues but if they take time to discuss and for us to reflect and agree what we're up for and what we're not up for, that's a conversation."   

Asked again, he said he wasn't sure.   

Peters arrived at the Cordis later on Friday.    

He said he couldn’t answer the question of whether he expected talks to still be going by the end of the weekend.   

"We are going as fast as we possibly can. None of this conversation with you guys is worth anything because you don't understand the confidentiality of the arrangements we are entering.  

"If you want to build trust, you don't go and tell the whole world what you are going to do next."   

He said he hadn't discussed ministerial roles with National and wouldn't say whether that was on the agenda for Friday.   

On policy, he said no one went into negotiations expecting to get 100 percent of what they wanted. Some things had been taken off the table, he said.   

Friday marks two weeks since the official election results were revealed, showing National and ACT would require New Zealand First to form a government.    

Other National MPs turning up to the Cordis also didn't express confidence that a deal was about to be struck imminently.   

"We are getting close and more meetings today... Everyone is fully engaged in the negotiations.  

"Multiple meetings, going through the process," said National MP Simeon Brown.   

Asked if there would be a deal on Friday, Chris Bishop said: "Let's wait and see. We are making progress and time will tell."   

He said it was National's "intention" for the eventual Government deal to last a full three years.   

"That is what we are aiming for."   

Peters on Thursday said he agreed with National the talks were in their "final stages" and believed "substantial" progress had been made.    

"I am saying to the public what I need to say to the public, which is, until we know what the final outcome is that it would be premature, rash and irresponsible to make any other comment but don't let that stop you."    

Peters said there had been work "night and day" and parties would try resolve it "with the greatest haste possible".     

ACT leader David Seymour has also said the parties were getting closer to a deal.