Election 2023: David Seymour signals meeting of National, ACT, New Zealand First on cards

ACT leader David Seymour has signalled a meeting between all three potential Government partners is on the cards for Tuesday. 

Arriving in Wellington for another week of coalition talks, Seymour was asked whether all three parties – National, ACT and New Zealand First - could get around the table on Tuesday. 

"I think that is very possible," he replied. "We are certainly very happy to meet anyone anytime and we are all in Wellington now, so that has got to make it easier." 

"There may well be a meeting of three." 

He wouldn't make a commitment on when the talks would wrap up. 

"I don't think anyone is in a position to say they are certain when this finishes because there are three different people. Everyone says they want it to go faster, I certainly do, I think a lot of people watching and listening would love to see this be got on with, but no one person can decide how a negotiation between three ends or when it ends." 

There wasn't one party holding up the talks, Seymour said. 

"Each party has issues the other one doesn't like so much and I think each party knows they are going to have to come to a compromise." 

He acknowledged the talks were taking longer than some people may have expected, but said legitimate issues were being discussed by the leaders. 

It wasn't becoming embarrassing, Seymour said. 

One of the issues thought to be a sticking point in talks is National's tax plan, which includes using revenue from a foreign buyers tax to pay for tax relief. New Zealand First has historically been opposed to allowing foreigners to buy up New Zealand land. 

National's tax plan also includes taking money out of the Climate Emergency Response Fund, which includes money from the Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Asked if he believed the tax issue could be resolved this week, Seymour said he hoped so. 

"What is critical is the Budget has to balance. We can't keep borrowing and spending. That drives inflation, it drives mortgage rates, it makes people's lives much harder as a result. The numbers have to stack up. ACT has always said that if you are prepared to spend less, you can balance a budget and tax less without adding more taxes. That's the kind of question I guess we have to work through this week." 

National leader Christopher Luxon also arrived in Wellington on Tuesday morning, but quickly walked through the airport, not providing any detail on coalition talks.  

"We have got a great week ahead of us. We are going to make some progress... we are making great progress."