Jenna Lynch analysis: Winston Peters' baseless accusation of media bribery is unbecoming of a Deputy PM

ANALYSIS: Now that the new Government has been sworn in, what happens next?   

On Tuesday, they'll sit down for their first spin in the Cabinet chairs, but that's actually more of a photo-op.  

The first Cabinet meeting proper won't be until Wednesday and Parliament doesn't actually resume until next week. There's a bunch more pomp and pageantry to come before the MPs properly get down to business.  

But this is now the second major ceremonial moment of Christopher Luxon's prime ministership that Winston Peters - his first chosen deputy - has overshadowed with his anti-media antics.  

Ministers in the past have faced weeks of pressure for appearing to exert influence over the editorial independence of our state broadcasters and their editorial independence should never be interfered with. It is sacred.  

It is also unbecoming of a Deputy Prime Minister to falsely accuse the media of accepting bribes.  

You can bet your bottom dollar that this particular Deputy Prime Minister, and serial litigant, would at least threaten to haul someone through the courts if they levelled the same baseless accusation at him. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.