Jenna Lynch analysis: Winston Peters killed Christopher Luxon's honeymoon with anti-media antics

ANALYSIS: The new Prime Minister and his Cabinet have inked their plan for the first 100 days in office and it's a lengthy agenda with 49 action points.  

Though – cleverly - a lot of these policies are designed to be difficult to measure whether they've been achieved. For instance, a lot of them begin with "investigate" or "take first steps towards."

 The former Government was dogged by its inability to deliver on major promises and the current parties absolutely eviscerated them for it for six years.  

To avoid the same curse the coalition needs to get some runs on the board quick smart. Repealing is easy - it looks like they're taking action without requiring a lot of government grunt work.  

The honeymoon period for the new prime minister has been pretty well nonexistent for Christopher Luxon, partly due to his deputy riding his bronco through the wedding and flipping tables upside down.   

Despite the impression of chaos, Luxon chose not to rein it in. He made it clear though that he's not going to attempt to tame Winston Peters. To be fair he didn't have much of an option, Peters is perhaps untameable.  

But Luxon did have the opportunity to act like a Prime Minister – to try and rebuild faith in institutions, which includes the media.  

In letting the comments slide, he has pretty much given Peters and David Seymour free reign to say what they want without consequence.  

This is now the standard he has set for his government for the next three years.  

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.