Jenna Lynch analysis: With coalition talks, the time has come for the dealing, now the counting is done

ANALYSIS: With the final election results out, the rubber's hitting the road now for National, ACT and New Zealand First to form a Government.    

Realistically, there are areas of common ground between these three parties that can be resolved relatively easily. For example, they're pretty aligned on crime.  

The niggles might come down at the fiscal level. National's very, very committed to its tax plan which neither of its partners would even recognise as credible during the campaign.  

ACT wants to slash and burn the public service at a much greater rate than National's centrist bent would probably allow.  

New Zealand First got that whopping $3 billion fund out of the last round of negotiations it was part of, which David Seymour once said he wouldn't even label pork barrel politics because it would be offensive to pigs.   

Both National and ACT want to fiddle with New Zealand First's sacred territory and raise the super age - it's hard to see Winston Peters budging on that.  

There's also ACT's bottom line or as they like to call it, a top priority, of a referendum on the Treaty - Christopher Luxon came as close as he has on making a public statement about policy on that one today, referring back to his position on the campaign which is he ruled it out.   

It seems as though the way things are going they are nutting out policy then come to ministerial positions later.  

Now they know the hands they've been dealt by voters, negotiations ramp up significantly and these three better get used to compromising, they've got three years of it to come.   

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.