Jenna Lynch Election 2023 analysis: Newshub understands three-way coalition meeting set down

ANALYSIS: From what Newshub is hearing, Winston Peters was very much expected to be in town to talk on Tuesday - and then he just didn't show.

Newshub understands National and ACT met on Tuesday, while Peters and National leader Christopher Luxon spoke multiple times on the phone.

Perhaps Peters' refusal to fly to Wellington was designed to serve as a lesson and reminder to Christopher Luxon that although he is the leader of the biggest party he does not have total control of how these negotiations go - this Government Luxon is trying to build is a three-legged stool and New Zealand First is a crucial part of holding it up.

But Newshub has learned that a significant development has been set down for Wednesday - a meeting with all three parties will finally take place.

All details are being kept secret and Newshub's sources are telling us not to take from it that a deal is imminent - there is still a way to go but this will be a symbolic moment.

It will be the first time all three will get together in a room - if Peters doesn't play go-home, stay-home again, of course.

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.