Labour minister Ginny Andersen at centre of bullying allegations involving teenager

Ginny Andersen.
Ginny Andersen. Photo credit: Newshub.

Labour Cabinet Minister Ginny Andersen is at the centre of bullying allegations involving a teenage girl, Newshub can reveal.

A complaint has been sent to the president of the Labour Party, Jill Day, detailing a number of instances involving Andersen.

Newshub has seen a copy of the complaint.

It is from a parent and alleges Andersen, who lost the Hutt South seat in the election, yelled at her children who were volunteers.

The parent alleged that on election night, Andersen yelled at her daughter and son about how they didn't do enough volunteering and the MP told the teenagers that was the reason she lost her seat.

The complaint then details other instances – including one at Christmas in 2020 when her daughter mixed up house addresses. Andersen allegedly said the teenage volunteer was "useless" and made her feel little.

As well, this year her daughter said she couldn't help with campaigning because she was going on a family trip. Andersen allegedly yelled at her on the phone then other volunteers made the teenager feel "little".

In a statement Andersen said: "I'm aware a complaint has been made about comments I've made in the past."

"I'm really sorry if my comments caused hurt," she said.

"I'm committed to fully engage in the Labour Party process to resolve the matter."

The Labour Party has confirmed it has received a complaint.

General Secretary Rob Salmond said the complaint was made from a member regarding comments made to them about Andersen.

"Complaints and the process to investigate them are confidential, so we can't say anything more at this time."

Andersen has been an MP since 2017 when she entered on the Labour list. She then won the Hutt South seat in 2020 then lost it in the most recent election to National's Chris Bishop.

She was promoted to Cabinet after Chris Hipkins took over the Prime Ministership this year then took over high profile portfolios when her colleagues became embroiled in scandal.

Andersen was made the Minister of Police in March when Stuart Nash resigned after a series of small scandals. 

Andsersen was then made the Minister of Justice after Kiri Allan resigned when she crashed her car and was charged with careless use of a motor vehicle and refusing to accompany a police officer.