Newshub Nation: Ben Thomas says Winston Peters' opposition to National's foreign buyers tax presents 'elegant way out' for Christopher Luxon 

It's 14 days since the special votes were counted and five weeks since the election and a coalition agreement between ACT, NZ First and National has still not been reached.   

It's understood a key obstacle to agreements is NZ First leader Winston Peters opposes National's foreign buyer tax

The policy was bombarded with criticism during the campaign, with one report finding it would be $530 million dollars short each year, thus compromising the tax cuts National was hoping to fund with it.   

PR consultant Ben Thomas said on Newshub Nation's political panel Peters' opposition "presents an elegant way out for Christopher Luxon.   

"If they want to book that income from that proposed tax, they have to get it past Treasury and the bean-counters there, and that's going to be much harder than the bullet-train approach that was taken during the election."  

Thomas argued coalition negotiations would be a good reason to come up with an alternative way to generate revenue for tax cuts.   

"Luxon and Peters only have to pick up the phone. David Seymour has a huge list of ways that you can save money as a government."   

Thomas was joined on the panel by journalist and commentator Carmen Parahi. Watch their full discussion in the video above.   

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