Te Pāti Māori, NZ First owe their election 2023 success to Christopher Luxon – Matthew Hooton

A right-leaning political commentator says Te Pāti Māori and NZ First have Christopher Luxon to thank for their results this election.

Te Pāti Māori has had its most successful election result ever, welcoming six members to Parliament after it picked up two more seats once the special votes were counted. 

Meanwhile, NZ First is likely to join the National Party in Government as the party looks for a three-way coalition with ACT.

Joining Newshub Nation on Saturday, PR consultant Matthew Hooton said the two parties owe Luxon a drink.

"I think both John Tamihere, of the Māori Party, and also Winston Peters really owe Christopher Luxon a Pepsi Max because I don't think either of them would have got these results without him," Hooton said. "I think Christopher Luxon ruling out dealing with the Māori Party made it safer for left-wing voters to vote for the Māori Party… And, of course, we wouldn't have Winston Peters in Parliament were it not for the mismanagement of that issue by Christopher Luxon."

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