The Project: Christopher Luxon talks through first day after revealing coalition agreement

It's the decision we've been waiting for - Christopher Luxon has revealed the shape of the next Government, including policy and ministers.

Winston Peters and David Seymour are set to share the role of Deputy Prime Minister, each taking the reins for 18 months.

Incoming Prime Minister Luxon joined The Project to discuss his first official day at the helm of a three-way coalition.

Last week, Luxon said "it's largely a ceremonial role", but on Friday he revealed he's happy to have Seymour and Peters split the duties.

"We've got three parties in a coalition Government, so we've got two coalition partners and it's entirely appropriate that actually that job is done by one for 18 months, and done by the other for the other 18 months."

Peters reneged on the coalition agreement he signed with the previous Labour Government in 2017.

But Luxon said all three parties signed off on each others' agreements.

"We have supported and we're fully signed up to each others' policy programmes," he told co-host Jesse Mulligan.

"Well I'll just say to you I think we've got really good commitment and alignment around the policy programme, and we all understand that we're actually supporting each others' policy priorities."

He added they have "mechanisms to deal with any potential conflict".

In terms of moving into the PM's office in the Beehive, he hasn't quite got that far.

"The boxes have been packed, but given I'm mostly digital there's about four-five boxes," he said.

"They'll get moved tonight and tomorrow."

Watch the full video above.