Winston Peters to be acting Prime Minister while Christopher Luxon's in Australia 

  • 12/12/2023
Winston Peters will take on the acting Prime Minister role.
Winston Peters will take on the acting Prime Minister role. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Winston Peters will be acting Prime Minister on Tuesday, with Christopher Luxon in Australia for his daughter's graduation.   

Luxon confirmed on Monday afternoon that he would be out of the country on Tuesday for his daughter Olivia's graduation after four years of study at the University of Melbourne.  

"It's a long-standing commitment that I have. In fairness, I am going to leave at six in the morning and be back here at midnight tomorrow," Luxon said.    

He said family was "really important" and he didn't "make any apologies" for taking the leave.   

"I think it is appropriate and I would expect others in my Cabinet to take decisions that support their family life as well," Luxon said.    

"I am really proud. As any parent watching their kids come through high school and find their path in life and find their thing that they feel great about and are passionate about, it is a really satisfying experience."   

With Luxon away, deputy Prime Minister Peters will take on the acting Prime Minister role. That means he will stand in for Luxon in the House for Question Time on Tuesday afternoon.   

The New Zealand First leader will be deputy Prime Minister for the first half of this term before the role is then handed over to ACT Party leader David Seymour.   

Peters has been acting Prime Minister on a number of occasions before. Most notably, he was acting Prime Minister while then-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was away on maternity leave in 2018.