Jenna Lynch analysis: Sources say Christopher Luxon went in hot at Iwi Chairs Forum, Government got told

ANALYSIS: Newshub has been talking to some who were in the Iwi Chairs meeting - and it sounds like Prime Minister Christopher Luxon went in hot.

We're told he foreshadowed it himself - he told iwi leaders he'd be quite forthright - but someone who's attended their fair share of these meetings told Newshub it's the most forthright they've ever seen a Prime Minister speak in there.

Some felt Luxon's challenge over schooling was delivered in a condescending way and basically showed up and said, where the hell have you guys been while truancy rates have been going up? Some felt there was a lot of talking at iwi leaders.

Shane Jones also gave a speech and got a few uncomfortable murmurs from the crowd, by the sounds, when he said he'd rather have a forthright PM than a mushy one like the last one.

David Seymour's description of the reaction as a mixed bag sounds reasonably on point. He touched on charter schools and devolution of services to Māori during his speech - that was well received - but the rest of his korero about the Treaty of Waitangi went down as you'd expect.

Newshub is hearing the Government got told when it came to the discussion around the Treaty principles.

It also definitely seems like Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka's snafu was much more serious than he's acknowledging. Jones cut him off from speaking during the powhiri and it was the talk of the town following the hui.

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.