Police Minister Mark Mitchell receives apology after Labour's Ginny Andersen claims he was 'paid to kill people' overseas

Police Minister Mark Mitchell has received an apology from Labour MP Ginny Andersen after she said on live radio he "killed people" while working overseas. 

Andersen, Mitchell's predecessor, was referring to his international security company when she made the remarks. 

The comments came during the pair's segment on Newstalk ZB on Wednesday. While discussing Labour MP Grant Robertson's retirement, they were asked about their jobs before politics. 

Mitchell mentioned his time in hospitality, the police force and creating his own company.  

Andersen then interjected saying his overseas time was "a bit weird" and "full-on". 

When questioned about what she meant by "a bit weird", Andersen said to "Google" Mitchell on Wikipedia to find out. 

"He gets paid to kill people," Andersen told Newstalk ZB. "He made a really good company, which he sold, that he gets paid to pretty much shoot people to secure supply lines." 

Mitchell said Andersen's comments were outrageous and she should apologise. 

Andersen replied she was allowed to have her view. 

Later on Wednesday, however, Labour leader Chris Hipkins said Andersen went "too far" with her remarks.

"I don't agree with all of her comments either. And she's apologised for them," Hipkins told reporters.

While reluctant to comment about the saga due to the death of Green MP Efeso Collins, Mitchell said Andersen had "sent me a text message with an apology in it".

"I don't feel that's the right way to apologise about something like that," Mitchell added.

After leaving the police force, Mitchell went to Iraq to work as a security contractor. He also did a stint training Iraqi security forces before setting up a multi-million-dollar private military and security company that operated in Iraq. 

He said his company provided support to areas hit by conflict or natural disasters and was often commissioned by the UN. The company delivered aid to areas like Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  

"I'm extremely proud of the work that I did over there… the left has attacked me incessantly since I've come back home," Mitchell told ZB earlier.

"In my view, they try to do these character assassinations and that's what they're about."