Pro-Palestine protesters crash Prime Minister Christopher Luxon's 'pool party' with The Edge hosts

Pro-Palestine protesters have demonstrated outside Prime Minister Christopher Luxon's Auckland home accusing him of having "blood on his hands".   

The protest occurred on Friday at 4:46pm outside Luxon's home in the Auckland suburb of Remuera and saw about a dozen people gather.  

The group ppl4palestine posted a video on its Instagram page with the caption "People of Aotearoa crash the Prime Ministers pool party".   

It begins with an Instagram video story from the radio show Edge Afternoon showing Luxon and his wife poolside with hosts Steph Monks, Sharyn Casey and Nickson Clark swimming in the Prime Minister's pool, according to ppl4palestine.  

The video then cuts away to show Luxon walking out of his house with protesters shouting "blood, blood, blood on your hands".    

As the video continues a protester can be heard shouting through a megaphone "Luxon, Luxon you can't hide, you are supporting genocide" before a caption appears saying, "It took 20 days to grant special visas for Ukraine and 145 days later nothing for Palestine".   

The group is referring to how the Labour Government established a new residency pathway for those who fled the war in Ukraine for New Zealand. Nothing similar has been put in place for families of Kiwis stuck in Gaza.  

As the video continues, it shows around five police officers gathered outside Luxon's home in front of the protesters to monitor the demonstration.  

The protesters can then be heard shouting, "Save the children, save them all" while a woman shouts through a megaphone saying, "Shame on you Christopher Luxon, it must be shameful to have people of every demographic in this country call you out."    

Another protester using the megaphone can be heard shouting, "I'm pretty disappointed in Christopher Luxon and the New Zealand Government. I'm a Christian, I believe in Jesus and it's disgusting what is happening there. It's disgusting, it is genocide."   

At the end of the video, another man shouts through the megaphone that the Prime Minister works "for the people, we don't work for you. This is not a company, this is a country".   

Another person says, "Act like a father, act like a human being, act like our Prime Minister because it is your job," another person says through the megaphone".  

A police spokesperson told Newshub officers were in attendance.

"Police monitored the small group present and there were no further issues," the spokesperson said. "The group eventually dispersed and left the area."

Earlier this month, the Government announced further humanitarian support to Gaza and the West Bank by providing $5 million in aid, taking the total contribution to $15 million dating back to October 17 last year.   

The Prime Minister has also previously said he was extremely concerned about Israel's actions in the city of Rafah in south Gaza.    

"Palestinian civilians cannot pay the price of Israel trying to defeat Hamas," he said at his post-Cabinet press conference earlier this month.   

"There are 1.5 million Palestinians sheltering in Rafah at the moment. We are extremely concerned about that."  

Since Hamas killed 1200 people and captured 253 hostages on October 7, Israel has launched an all-out ground assault on Gaza, with nearly 30,000 people confirmed killed, according to Reuters citing Gaza health authorities.  

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he hopes there'll be a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict by "next Monday".