Waitangi Day: Winston Peters hits back at crowd after being booed through speech

Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has hit back at the crowd at Waitangi after being booed during his speech at the Treaty Grounds.  

Before starting his speech on Monday, Peters warned the crowd that it wouldn't be a long one.  

"This is very, very brief because we have another appointment with a number of ambassadors from overseas who have come all the way to this country to advantage our economy and they are important," he said.  

The crowd then erupted into boos and murmurs, drowning out his words.  

"Who said we are getting rid of the Treaty of Waitangi, tell me?" he pointed out to the crowd.  

"No, we didn't, you tell me who ever said we are getting rid of it. So, stop the crap, stop the nonsense," he yelled.   

"We signed the Treaty to become one people," he said. Boos could be heard again from the crowd.  

"If you think separation and division is going to take us to 2040, you're dreaming," he yelled out, while his shaking hands gripped the microphone.   

"Let me tell you sunshine, I used to go to the marae where they had a thing called tikanga and protocol and respect - and not you shouting. Stop the nonsense, stop the hysteria."  

The crowd erupted yet again, with people yelling out, laughing and others continuing to boo at the visibly angry Deputy Prime Minister.   

"See what I mean?" Peters asked. "Get an education, get some manners, you have plenty of time," he yelled out to the crowd.  

"That's not the way it's going to be in 2040," he said.