Chinese ambassador Wang Xiaolong flatly denies China to blame for cyber attacks on Parliament

Wang Xiaolong says the claims of Chinese state-sponsored hacking are "irresponsible accusations".
Wang Xiaolong says the claims of Chinese state-sponsored hacking are "irresponsible accusations". Photo credit: Getty Images / Newshub.

The Chinese ambassador to New Zealand, Wang Xiaolong, has flatly denied China was to blame for cyber attacks on our Parliament.

Xiaolong made the statement on X on Tuesday afternoon after it was revealed a Chinese state-sponsored group stole data relating to MPs in Aotearoa during a 2021 hack on Parliament.

"We reject outright the groundless and irresponsible accusations against China on cyber attacks or intrusions, and have lodged serious démarches to New Zealand's relevant authorities, expressing strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition," Xiaolong said.

He claimed China is a major victim of cyberattacks itself.

"We have firmly fought and stopped all kinds of malicious cyber activities in accordance with the law, and advocated joint response from all countries through dialogue and cooperation," Xiaolong said.

He said tracing the source of cyberattacks is "highly complex and sensitive".

"One needs to have adequate and objective evidence, instead of smearing other countries when facts do not exist, still less politicize or even weaponize cybersecurity issues."

Xiaolong said "non-interference in other countries' internal affairs" is paramount to Chinese diplomacy.

"We have never, nor will we in the future, interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, including New Zealand," he said.

"Accusing China of foreign interference is completely barking up the wrong tree."

Xiaolong said he hoped Aotearoa can "practice the letter and spirit of its longstanding and proud independent foreign policy" instead of "blindly following others' words and actions".

Foreign Minister Winston Peters said earlier on Tuesday that New Zealand's cyber concerns have been conveyed to the Chinese Government.

"The Prime Minister and Minister Collins have expressed concerns today about malicious cyber activity, attributed to groups sponsored by the Chinese Government, targeting democratic institutions in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom," he said.