Court documents detail how Golriz Ghahraman's shoplifting unfolded, encounter with boutique worker

Court documents have revealed for the first time the extent of the shoplifting crimes committed by now-former Green MP Golriz Ghahraman.  

According to the police summary of facts, Ghahraman's first offence was on October 22 - when she entered Wellington's Cre8iveworx with "a male associate" at about 3pm. She stole a shirt worth $695.  

"Ms Ghahraman tried on a number of garments inside the changing room, emerging several times to confer with her associate and browse another display rack," the summary of facts said.  

"Whilst concealed behind the privacy curtain in the changing room, Ms Ghahraman placed the Zambesi shirt inside her clothing or bag.  

"Ms Ghahraman then emerged from the changing room and purchased a pair of pants with her credit card at the counter."  

She then left the store "without making any attempt" to pay for the Zambesi shirt.  

Nearly two months later, on December 21, she entered Scotties Boutique in Auckland's Ponsonby.  

Police said Ghahraman was wearing a large tote bag over her right shoulder.  

"At around 4:03pm, Ms Ghahraman removed a black 'Acne Studios Single Breasted Coat' from a display rack. The coat is the property of Scotties Boutique and is valued at $1900.  

"Ms Ghahraman then took a pair of black pants from a separate display rack and entered the changing room with both items, closing the privacy curtain behind her.  

"Whilst concealed from view, Ms Ghahraman placed the coat inside her tote bag. When she opened the privacy curtain the coat was no longer visible."  

Golriz Ghahraman.
Golriz Ghahraman outside court on Wednesday. Photo credit: Newshub.

That wasn't the end of it.  

"At around 4.09pm Ms Ghahraman removed a black 'Commes des Garcons Wallet' from a display cabinet. The wallet is the property of Scotties Boutique and is valued at $160," police said.  

"Ms Ghahraman held the wallet in her hand by her side and walked into a deserted area of the store.  

"When she was outside the view of the store attendants, she surreptitiously placed the wallet inside her tote bag."  

Police also said Ghahraman shoplifted from Standard Issue in Auckland's Newmarket the very next day.  

She entered the store at about 1:50pm on December 22, wearing a large brown tote bag over her shoulder, the documents said.  

"Ms Ghahraman engaged in conversation with the store manager while browsing clothing on a display table at the front of the store."  

Ghahraman went on to pick up a navy-blue cardigan from the table, valued at $389.  

"While the manager's attention was briefly diverted, Ms Ghahraman placed the cardigan inside her brown tote bag and promptly left the store.  

"The manager immediately noticed the cardigan was no longer on the table when Ms Ghahraman left.  

"Ms Ghahraman was the only customer inside the store at the time the cardigan was taken."  

The next day, the documents said, she returned to Scotties.  

Police said, after entering the store at 1:09pm on December 23, Ghahraman immediately "removed a large empty brown tote bag from within the black tote bag she was wearing over her shoulder. She placed this second brown bag over her left shoulder".  

"Ms Ghahraman stopped at a display cabinet and removed a charcoal grey 'Bao Bao lssey Miyake Lucent bag.  

"The bag is the property of Scotties Boutique and is valued at $650.  

"Ms Ghahraman walked with the lssey Miyake bag to another area of the store. She scanned her surroundings and surreptitiously placed the lssey Miyake bag into the red satchel bag hung over her shoulder.  

"At around 1:13pm Ms Ghahraman removed four clothing garments from the display racks and entered the changing room. The garments included a black 'Two Squares Simple Slip Dress' (valued at $333) and a black 'Row Calanthe Dress' (valued at $4500)."  

The documents said Ghahraman went on to put both dresses inside one of her bags while in the changing room.  

After going on to remove a $290 tank top from a display rack before bundling it into a ball and placing it inside her brown tote bag, she browsed the store for several more minutes before leaving. She made no attempt to pay.  

That's when she was confronted by a store employee in the car park.  

"Ms Ghahraman refused to show the store employee the contents of her bags. She returned briefly inside the store with the employee where she offered an explanation, pointing to a dress hung inside a coat as the reason for the misunderstanding.  

"The employee accepted this explanation and allowed her to leave.  

"At around 2:16pm an associate of Ms Ghahraman entered Scotties Boutique carrying Ms Ghahraman's brown tote bag. The associate spoke to the store employee and gave her the Row Calanthe dress, the Two Squares dress and the lssey Miyake bag that Ms Ghahraman had stolen."  

The tank top was not returned, police said.  

In total, Ghahraman stole $5773 worth of items on that day.  

After months avoiding the public eye, Ghahraman faced court on Wednesday - admitting the theft of thousands of dollars' worth of clothing from multiple boutiques.  

Ghahraman refused to answer questions from the media before she entered the Auckland District Court.  

During her appearance, she stood emotionless in the dock as her lawyer entered the guilty pleas. 

Ghahraman resigned from politics in January after the shoplifting allegations came to light.