Labour MP Greg O'Connor briefly suggests New Zealand could go the way of US, Russia if doesn't follow proper democratic process

Chris Hipkins has doubled down on his accusation the Government is acting like a dictatorship.

The Labour leader took his troops on a soul-searching field trip today where one MP even momentarily likened the Coalition to Russia's regime.

Limping into Opposition after a crushing election defeat, Labour MPs turned up to their Martinborough caucus retreat on Thursday with more questions than answers.

"How we can rebuild? How can we stay together as a team? Jan Tinetti asked.

And admitting there's no quick fix.

"This is a long game. This is the Melbourne Cup. It isn't a sprint race," Greg O'Connor said.

When asked when Labour will be in Government again, Reuben Davidson replied: "Oh, I don't know".

Not exactly a vote of confidence the stay in opposition will be short.

"I think some people got confused around those values and we need to go back to those roots," Tinetti said.

The leader says those values should be clear.

"The Labour Party's values have been consistent throughout our history and they don't change election to election," Hipkins said.

Labour MP David Parker said there are "no concerns" being expressed about Hipkins' leadership.

"I'll be the leader of the Labour Party long after Christopher Luxon's rolled as leader of National Party," Hipkins said.

He's already in training for the next election.

"I didn't see any of you out running at 6:30am this morning. Seven kilometres I will have you know," Hipkins said.

Following that up with a one-two punch at the Government.

"They may have voted for this Government, but they are not seeing their hopes and aspirations reflected in this current Government," he said.

Going for a knockout by dropping the 'd word' this week.

"Winning an election does not entitle you to act like a dictatorship," Hipkins said.

He's arguing the Government's mowing down the parliamentary process in its need for speed in its 100-day race.

"They should not behave like an elected dictatorship just because they have been elected," Hipkins said.

"No disrespect, but Chris Hipkins is a desperate individual," Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said.

One Labour MP on Thursday appeared to even suggest New Zealand could go the way of the United States or Russia if we don't follow due process.

"Ignoring the process of Parliament, the process of democracy, we watched a guy do that in the United States," Greg O'Connor said.

"I'm not comparing the current Government to Trump.

"...Certainly, maybe in Russia would be another good comparison, where if you ignore your processes of government, processes of democracy, there will be a price to pay in the long term."

Cue the backpedal.

"I am not saying New Zealand is coming like Russia or the United States and I would be disappointed if any media said that I said that," O'Connor said.

Luxon labelled O'Connor's comments as "irrelevant".