The Government aid coming to workers, beneficiaries and landlords from April 1

From April 1, a whole new raft of Government measures is coming to a wallet near you.

They include a small rise in the minimum wage, benefit increases and an Easter treat for landlords.

It's no secret the cost of living crisis is hurting our wallets. Now the Government's rolling out a slew of changes on Monday to tackle it.

That includes a 2 percent minimum wage increase from $22.70 an hour to $23.15.

"I think it's important we recognise those on low incomes are being squeezed the most in this cost-of-living crisis," said Social Development Minister Louise Upston.

Benefit rates will also be going up, meaning a couple with kids on job seeker support will get an extra $56 a fortnight. Single parents will get an increase of $44 and a couple receiving super will get $71 more.

"Our primary focus is to relieve those on low and middle-income households with the cost of living, there's a number of examples and these benefit changes is one of them," Upston said.

"While people are happy to receive even small increases it's not going to be anywhere near enough to be liveable, especially those on low-wage work and people living on benefits," said Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Brooke Pao Stanley.

There's also an Easter treat in store for landlords as interest deductibility changes will come into effect on Monday.

That allows landlords to claim 80 percent of their interest costs from their tax bills.

"These are not the people that are suffering the most at the moment, yet they are the ones getting the break. It doesn't seem right to me and it shouldn't seem right to the rest of New Zealand," said Labour's social development spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni.

But the Government insists it's focused on supporting our most vulnerable - especially those on welfare.

"We want to give them an assurance that we will be making annual increases in line with the cost of living, we know they are doing it tough and we are here to support them," Upston said.

And for those of you waiting to hear when you'll finally be getting your promised tax cut, the details likely won't be revealed until Budget Day which is on May 30.