Winston Peters marches past media playing Chumbawamba, Christopher Luxon tells all political leaders to 'grow up' 

Winston Peters is claiming the Prime Minister was "misinformed" when he spoke to him about his Nazi Germany comments.   

Christopher Luxon has laughed it off, saying he's capable of making his own decisions and political leaders need to "grow up".

But as he said that Peters waited patiently behind him waiting for a free camera. He then marched past the media, blasting Chumbawamba and refusing to talk to journalists.  

Earlier, Peters was on TVNZ's Breakfast and was asked about Luxon speaking to him over remarks he made comparing co-governance to Nazi Germany.   

"He said to me, 'I was told this, this and this', and I said to him, 'By whom? Did you hear my speech? No.'   

"About then I realised like so many New Zealanders all the way to the top, he's been misinformed by you media people."   

Asked if he was accusing the Prime Minister of being influenced by the media, Peters said: "I just said that and that's the truth."  

Labour leader Chris Hipkins said Peters was "humiliating the Prime Minister", but Luxon said he was "quite capable of making my own decisions".    

"The comments and the language from all sides of politics, from all political leaders, for goodness sake, everyone needs to grow up," Luxon said.    

But Peters is showing no sign he's listening or willing to back down from his Nazi Germany comments.   

On Sunday, in his State of the Nation address, he spoke about the "insidious creep of racist co-governance" and that some believed "their DNA made them somehow better than others".    

"I have seen that sort of philosophy before. I saw it in Nazi Germany."   

Asked by Newshub afterwards if it was appropriate to compare co-governance to Nazi Germany, Peters said: "Yes, it is."     

Peters is also in denial over Chumbawamba raising concerns about New Zealand First using their hit song Tubthumping at his Sunday rally.   

Guitarist Boff Whalley told Stuff: "Let's see if it does become a legal thing because they absolutely haven't a leg to stand on, they are playing it in a public place, they haven't asked permission."   

"I am kinda hoping he is going to get a life jail sentence and we will come and visit him."