Greens unleash on Government's new action plan as '36-point PR spin'

The Greens have unleashed on the Government's new 36-point plan.
The Greens have unleashed on the Government's new 36-point plan. Photo credit: Newshub.

The Green Party is slamming the Government's new plan on Tuesday labelling it as a "36-point PR spin" and a "pointless" exercise.

It comes after Prime Minister Christopher Luxon revealed an "action plan" on Tuesday morning, listing goals and "decisions" he wants the Government to fulfil over the next three months.

They include: delivering tax cuts, reducing "wasteful spending", setting targets for public services like education and health, and restoring the Three Strikes law, among others.

On Tuesday the Green Party's new co-leader, Chlöe Swarbrick, slammed the plan as a "36-point bingo card" that has "no meaningful solutions".

"Christopher Luxon is not in the boardroom anymore. The irony is these bullet points wouldn't even hold up in the corporate world: vague, immeasurable and untethered from reality and evidence as they are.

"For who precisely, and how in reality, does the Government want to 'improve the rental market'?

She said the Government has gutted environmental, climate, and social gains to "line the pockets of a few at the top".

"They could at least be honest about it," Swarbrick added.

Party co-leader Marama Davidson agreed.

"Today's plan has shown, once again, that this Government is more concerned with keeping its wealthy mates happy than building a better future for all," said Davidson.   

She said most of the points were too vague and that climate change is "barely mentioned".

"And even then, it is to state that the Government will be initiating a review of its methane targets that excludes farming related methane, and that it will keep farming out of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)."

"This coalition of cowards is too scared to defy the demands of their donors and do what is right and fight for a liveable climate.

Carmel Sepuloni, Labour's deputy leader, said the Government needed to "raise the energy" on cost of living support for Kiwis rather than paying $2.9b in tax cuts to landlords.

"Our country isn't a company and shouldn't be run like one," she said.  

Luxon defended his new plan, saying the key steps he set out will "rebuild the economy, restore law and order and improve public services".

"We are delivering big changes that are already making a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders," he said.

"Having a clear plan with specific actions and timeframes for delivery creates momentum and drives focus."

Luxon said his plan includes commitments like delivering a budget that "reduces wasteful spending while investing in frontline services".