Julie-Anne Genter outburst: Fresh allegation of intimidation surfaces against Green MP

Newshub can reveal a fresh allegation of intimidation against Green MP Julie-Anne Genter.

Genter is subject to a disciplinary process for aggressively waving a book in the face of National Minister Matt Doocey in the House – but it's not the first time she has intimidated someone.

Flying off the handle, Genter was breaking all the rules of reason and Parliament when she got out of her seat - standing over Minister Matt Doocey screaming at him.

"What's wrong with you," Genter said.

The MPs were stunned as the chaired tried to bring back order in the House.

National's Chief Whip Scott Simpson complained.

"[It was a] serious, intimidatory, physical attack upon another member in this chamber and that's unacceptable," Simpson said.

Speaker of the House Gerry Brownlee was eventually recalled to deal with the outburst. 

"I just said it is totally inappropriate," Brownlee said.

Only then did Genter apologise.

"I'm apologising that I was physically intimidating, that was not my intention," she said.

Julie Anne Genter yelling at Matt Doocey.
Julie Anne Genter yelling at Matt Doocey. Photo credit: Parliament TV

MPs arriving at work on Thursday morning were still shell-shocked at last night's events.

"I was in the house last night it would have to be one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen," National MP Grant McCallum said.

"The next thing I turned around and I saw Ms Genter over full in the face of Matt Doocey," Deputy Speaker Barbara Kuriger said.

"It's not something that I would have ever expected to see," Labour MP Jan Tinetti said.

"It was pretty intense, very inappropriate, as I said at the time, and it's certainly shaken a lot of MPs up," Kuriger said.

Including the victim of the vitriol.

"It took me back a bit," Doocey said.

"I think in 10 years I haven't seen anything like that."

Genter went to ground and took the day off - leaving her co-leaders to mop up her mess.

"We make absolutely no excuses for it. It was unacceptable behaviour and Julie Anne has apologised for it," Green Party co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick said.

When asked whether Genter was fit to be an MP, Swarbrick said: "Look again this is a one-off instance of unacceptable behaviour."

But a Wellington florist says it's not a one-off. 

"This is how she conducts herself, she is a bully," florist Laura Newcombe told Newshub.

Newcombe has had Four Seasons Florist for 30 years. Recently a cycleway's been installed - removing car parks outside her shop.

"My income has been easily halved," she said.

Last week, Genter stopped by and Newcombe said the pair got into a heated exchange about Genter's advocacy for the cycleways. 

"She was very intimidating. She pulled out her phone, she put the phone camera right in my face and I was like 'Okay, you need to leave now' and then she started yelling and screaming over me that I didn't care about her kids cycling," Newcombe said. 

Newshub asked Green co-leader Marama Davidson about the florist's encounter to which she replied: "I understand that Julie Anne did pull a phone out and video the florist - that is completely unacceptable." 

Newcombe felt uncomfortable about the power imbalance. 

"I think that she should just be suspended because even if she says sorry, she's not sorry because this is how she conducts herself. It's just not acceptable, she doesn't deserve to be in Parliament," Newcombe said.

"Julie Anne is capable of doing awesome things and what the point is, is that she can never behave in this way again and we'll be making sure of that," Davidson said.

The Greens have launched a disciplinary process to deal with both the Parliamentary and now public outbursts.  

Jenna Lynch analysis

The Speaker confirmed on Thursday that he had received letters from multiple parties raising complaints and questions of privilege.

The speaker said Julie Anne Genter has until midday Monday to make any representations to him before he makes a ruling on whether to send her to the Privileges committee - essentially Parliament's courtroom.

There has been a similar scenario to this not too long ago - National MP Tim van de Molen was censured by Parliament, found in contempt of the House and stripped of portfolios after the Privileges Committee found he had acted in a threatening manner by standing over Labour MP Shanan Halbert at a Select Committee.

The Green co-leaders were unable or refusing to say today whether they had ever witnessed Genter losing her temper - read into that what you will.

In terms of Laura the florist, I just spoke with her and told her Marama Davidson had apologised on behalf of the Greens for Genter's actions. Laura still believes Genter isn't fit for office.

This is a nightmare situation for the Greens. From what I understand the co-leaders are angry they're now dealing with two matters of disciplinary action for MPs - the internal investigation into Darleen Tana over whether she had any involvement in migrant exploitation is still ongoing.

And now a member of their caucus was accused of intimidation on two separate occasions - one involving a member of the public.