Video: Simon Watts' speech at Environmental Defence Society conference hijacked after Government scraps He Waka Eke Noa

  • 11/06/2024

Simon Watts' speech at an Environmental Defence Society conference has been interrupted by a group of protesters. 

The Climate Change Minister was speaking at the biodiversity conference in Christchurch on Tuesday when the protesters chipped in. 

One of the hecklers was activist Joseph Bray, according to a statement from Climate Liberation Aotearoa. 

Bray could be heard yelling, "How do you sleep at night?!"  

Watts subsequently left the stage, before other protesters stood in front of it holding banners. 

Other demonstrators then blocked the stage holding banners. 

In response, an announcer sarcastically thanked the protesters "for ruining our conference". 

This protest comes after the Government earlier on Tuesday announced He Waka Eke Noa, the collective tasked with pricing emissions, was being axed. 

On Saturday, protesters gathered in numbers in Auckland to demonstrate against the Government's environmental policies - namely the Fast-Track Approvals Bill.  

Demonstrators in April also disrupted a Government press conference in Auckland regarding port permit extensions