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Watch: This is dramatic footage of the rescue.

'Gutting': Man killed in sailing tragedy was ACT candidate

"We just can't believe that he's been lost like this," David Seymour says.

Watch: The AM Show's Duncan Garner gives his opinion on Christopher Luxon entering politics.

More 'big names' expected to run for National

Simon Bridges says we can expect "other impressive people putting their names forward".

Bridges has had a bump, but is still out of Ardern's league.

Poll: Ardern's personal brand takes a bashing, Bridges gets a bump

The Prime Minister's popularity has been tarnished by a cacophony of cock-ups and controversies.

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Re-introduced parent visa panned as 'for the rich'

David Seymour is concerned the visa category will give taxpayers "little protection".

A civil liberties group were earlier critcial of Seymour's freedom of speech proposals.

'Lame' protesters interrupt Seymour's freedom of speech talk

"Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences," a protester said.

Watch: Council of Licenced Firearms Owners spokesperson Nicole McKee on The AM Show.

New gun laws won't make public safer - National

Labour is continuing firearms legislation reform following the Christchurch attack.

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Seymour hasn't asked Bridges to continue Epsom deal

The ACT Party leader says he can make it on his own next year.

Watch: David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill has been hotly debated.

Seymour hits back at National MP seeking 'protections' over euthanasia

Michael Woodhouse says he doesn't understand the objection.

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'Amateur hour': Peters' theory on why Bennett won't seek electorate re-election

"What qualifications to run a campaign has she got?"

Watch: A disagreement at Auckland University turned violent over a proposed law that would mean people in Hong Kong could be extradited to China.

ACT leader demands Chinese Consulate explain 'encouraging violent behaviour'

The Consulate General said freedom of expression was being used to attack the Chinese government.

MPs are thrashing out the changes they want made to the legislation.

MPs debate who should be eligible under proposed euthanasia law

It's suggested that only those with six months to live would be able to access it.

Thousands are now at the site.

Ardern is promoting illegal behaviour at Ihumātao, says ACT

David Seymour says the PM should have backed Fletcher, not negotiated a truce with protesters.

Watch: Jevan Goulter is calling on paedophiles to be euthanised.

'Euthanise paedophiles': Tamaki's campaign advisor makes policy plea

ACT leader David Seymour labelled it "insensitive and idiotic".

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Paul Goldsmith says he isn't 'humiliated' by Epsom deal

National's finance spokesperson says he's 'never been ACT's political puppet'.

Watch: The Prime Minister was asked to rate the Government's performance.

Year of Delivery? Political party leaders judge the Government's progress

Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges, Winston Peters, Marama Davidson and David Seymour have their say.

Firearm advocates are threatening court action if they're unhappy with the buyback scheme.

ACT takes aim at Government's gun buyback scheme

ACT says it'll make New Zealand "more dangerous" by "creating a black market" of illegal guns.

Watch: A civil liberties group has warned David Seymour's proposals around free speech could be a "dangerous approach".

National leader labels ACT's free speech proposals 'alluring'

But Simon Bridges is refusing to confirm a deal with David Seymour at next election.

The ACT Party's launched a fresh attempt to increase its votes.

ACT calls for flat tax, flexible education fund

The ACT leader would slash taxes for the rich and overhaul education.

A civil liberties group warns it could be a "dangerous approach".

David Seymour faces backlash over Freedom to Speak Bill

A civil liberties group warns it could be a "dangerous approach".

David Seymour on Newshub Nation.

Nazis and racists 'offensive' but shouldn't be arrested - Seymour

He's proposing cutting the Human Rights Act to give people more rights to insult and offend.

Watch: ACT leader David Seymour raised concern in Parliament about the Prime Minister's former interim chief of staff.

PM facing questions over former chief of staff's lobbyist role

There's no official record to show he stepped down as company director.

Watch: A Newshub report on the incident.

Seymour denies responsibility over threats to Ghahraman

The Green MP revealed she'll now be escorted by a security guard.

Watch: Green MP Golriz Ghahraman revealed she has been harassed by racist Twitter trolls.

Collins labeled 'ageist' in her defence of Golriz Ghahraman

She was defending the Green MP from attacks by ACT's David Seymour.

Watch: Christchurch attack - the new face of white supremacy in New Zealand.

ACT dares Ghahraman to report Seymour to the police

The minor party isn't backing down in its war of words with the Green MP.

Low February property sales showed an emerging buyers' market, former ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie told The AM Show.

The number of properties owned by MPs revealed

Our representatives in Parliament collectively own hundreds of properties.

Watch: Carmel Sepuloni has announced just three changes to welfare laws.

Welfare reform: National says Greens received 'nothing'

Labour has an agreement with the Greens to reform the welfare system.

Watch: Willie Jackson and Don Brash go head-to-head on Māori electorates.

Maori Council leader bombarded with hateful messages

"You're a middle-aged overweight Maori who's on the take."

Watch: Willie Jackson and Don Brash go head-to-head on Māori electorates.

Hate speech law being used as a 'political weapon' - Seymour

A prominent Māori group wants "gang of misfits" Hobson's Pledge investigated.

Watch:  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talks about her partnership with French President Emmanuel Macron to crackdown on social media being used to spread extremism.

NZ's most Facebook-savvy MPs revealed

A social media commentator says MPs need to "do what Chlöe does".

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Progress on euthanasia Bill is 'big win' for Seymour - O'Brien

"To not have it shot down immediately is huge."