Jacinda Ardern

The Prime Minister's travel plans have been in doubt all week due to the planes.

No plans to replace 'embarrassing' Government planes

Despite several breakdowns over the past few years.

Jacinda Ardern's plane broke down for the second time this week.

PM's press trapped in Australia as another flight breaks down

Their return to New Zealand has been thwarted again.

Ardern discusses NZ's international policy.

Revealed: World's most admired people

Jacinda Ardern was snubbed on the worldwide list.

Watch: Government gives Stats NZ multimillion-dollar handout after Census shambles.

Only two-thirds of Māori filled out the census

Response rates dropped overall, but particularly for Māori.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she won't retaliate against Australia deporting Kiwis.

PM rules out retaliation over Australia deporting Kiwis

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

The same plane broke down earlier in the week.

PM stuck in Melbourne after plane breaks down again

Jacinda Ardern was due to return to New Zealand on Friday afternoon.

Watch the Prime Minister's full media stand-up in Melbourne.

Ardern calls on US to play larger role 'within our region'

"There hasn't been the same level of attention from the United States."

Watch: Deputy Speaker Anne Tolley told a Youth MP to stop reading from her notes.

Youth MP not discouraged despite 'heartbreaking' experience

Lily Dorrance, 17, says she wanted the "voice of youth" to be heard in her speech.

Watch the Prime Minister's full media stand-up.

As it happened: Ardern to discuss meeting with Australian PM

The Prime Minister said she would bring up the issue of Kiwis being deported.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern says holding technology companies to account is important, and said New Zealand has "every intention of doing that".

PM won't follow Australia's hard-line response to extremist content

"That's not to say there aren't any gaps in our domestic legislation."

Judith Collins and Peeni Henare on The AM Show.

Collins would rather have Scott Morrison as Kiwi PM than Ardern

If Australians like Jacinda so much they can have her, the National MP says.

Watch the Prime Minister's full press conference in Melbourne.

Ardern told NZ has good ideas, but isn't good at selling them

"It makes us an incredibly humble nation."

Watch: The Australian Prime Minister confirmed his country has no plans to concede New Zealand's offer to take some of its detained asylum seekers.

What to expect from Ardern's Melbourne excursion

She'll be congratulating Scott Morrison "in person" on his "re-election victory".

Watch: Jacinda Ardern defended the Government's proposals to tax the agriculture industry.

PM defends 'laughable' 5 percent tax proposed on farming emissions

"It's about a transition."

Watch:  Trump defends attack on Democrat congresswoman

Ardern denounces Trump's comments on congresswomen

The president told four female Democrats they should "go back" to their countries.

Watch: Judith Collins grilled then-Housing Minister in April over KiwiBuild homes that were built before the 2017 election.

KiwiBuild under investigation over underwrite scheme

Judith Collins raised concerns with the Auditor-General who confirmed the probe.

Jacinda Ardern was on The AM Show.

Ardern won't compare climate change to World War II

That's unlike her Associate Transport Minister.

The Prime Minister has welcomed a godwit protection plan.

Jacinda Ardern welcomes godwit protection plan

An international deal involving China could save their future.

Jacinda Ardern

NZDF plane breaks down ahead of Ardern's Melbourne trip

We only have two 757s - and they're now both in maintenance.

Watch: Winston Peters held a press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne following a bilateral in Auckland.

Australia has 'no intention' of reviewing deportation law

Winston Peters didn't even raise it in a meeting with Australia's Foreign Minister.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared climate change her "generation's nuclear-free moment."

Minister declares climate change 'our generation's WWII'

"The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Rarotonga.

PM's Cook Island holiday with baby Neve

Her arrival went "relatively unnoticed", according to local reports.

Watch: The Prime Minister confirmed her engagement to her partner Clarke Gayford.

Jacinda Ardern admits suffering from parental guilt

The Prime Minister said her guilt is no different from other parents juggling work and family.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promised no more fuel taxes while she's Prime Minister.

Hamilton still wants regional fuel tax by 2020

But the Prime Minister has ruled out extending it beyond Auckland.

Watch: Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni announced three changes to welfare laws.

No regrets over National's 'naming the father' sanction

Paula Bennett said fathers should be paying for their kids, not taxpayers.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she's not opposed to declaring a "climate emergency".

Bennett scorns PM over 'ridiculous' openness to 'climate emergency'

"It's yet another example of her not leading and not showing real leadership."

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

Superannuation: An intergenerational fiscal hole?

An econmist says if the Govt is serious about intergenerational fairness, it'll raise the super age.

John Tamihere and Phil Goff on Newshub Nation.

Tamihere targets Ardern in fight to win Auckland more cash

But Phil Goff says the maverick candidate's brash style won't work.

Watch the Prime Minister and Education Minister's full press conference.

$200m for Auckland schools to accommodate population boom

The Government's preparing for 100,000 additional student placements by 2030.

Watch: Poto Williams was sworn in as a minister by the Prime Minister and Governor-General.

Poto Williams: The new minister with a new salary

The Labour MP's new role outside of Cabinet grants her a range of perks.