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Australia's treatment of deportees 'racist', deportees say

Kiwis are choosing to be deported rather than stay in Australia's inhumane detention centres.

Local elections were held last weekend, with a number of Māori being elected up and down the country.

Meet the new Māori you elected to council this year

Māori have long been under-represented in local government - but is that starting to change?

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What it's like being a mother of two sets of twins and an influencer

'Blessed in Doubles' mummy blogger Zoe Fuimaono talks to The Hui.

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How should New Zealand remember Captain Cook's legacy?

Kara George, Dr Arama Rata, Matthew Tukaki and Tautoko Witika spoke to The Hui.

Simon Bridges says there is no climate emergency.

Bridges says he would have raised climate change with Trump

But he doesn't think it's an emergency, he told The Hui.

Daniel and Ashley Chung perform on The Hui.

Daniel and Ashley Chung perform 'Terina' on The Hui

They whakapapa to Korea, but te reo Māori is the language they love.

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Tuariki Delamere reveals he's fighting bladder cancer

"For goodness' sake, go get yourselves tested. Better to be alive than too late."

Educator Paul Whatuira and the Mental Health Foundation's Michael Naera on The Hui.

How can the mental health system better serve Māori?

Educator Paul Whatuira and the Mental Health Foundation's Michael Naera talk to The Hui.

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Māori experiences of NZ's mental health services

The Hui's John Boynton meets the Māori challenging the system to make it better.

The Hui checks out KidsCan's effort to write a waiata.

Singing the song of hope: KidsCan turns to waiata to understand Māori

Founder Julie Chapman wants to connect to the whānau on a deeper level.

The Hui's panel discuss the issues of the week.

Labour sexual assault allegations: Will more heads roll?

What does the controversy tell us about the culture of Parliament?

Meng Foon on The Hui.

Meng Foon's hopes for Te Reo

The Race Relations Commissioner is fluent in the language of Aotearoa.

Zania McCauley's story.

How a one-night stand led to 16 years of cruelty

Zania McCauley tells The Hui how she survived a marriage marred by physical and sexual violence.

The Hui meets Brendon McIntosh.

The Māori chemist determined to make a change

Brendon McIntosh is on a mission to bridge the gap between te ao Māori and their health professionals.

Kura Forrester meets The Hui.

Māori comedian's plan to become 'mega-rich and mega-famous'

Kura Forrester says it's "pretty nice to be working full-time", but she has bigger goals.

Rei meets The Hui.

Rei's plan to take over the Kiwi music charts

"I'm in this music thing for the long haul, I don't want to be a flash in the pan."

Wally Haumaha on The Hui.

Wally Haumaha: The cop who kept the calm at Ihumātao

All hell broke loose at Ihumātao this week when police unexpectedly ramped up their numbers.

Nanaia Mahuta on The Hui.

Nanaia Mahuta calls out National and Māori Party over rezoning of Ihumātao

It's the first serious test of the Labour-led Government's relationship with Māori.

"I want to know why somethings not done. A child has been shot, a gun is a gun."

Police inaction after boy shot 'does look racist'

Trust and patience is running out in Patutahi after a boy was shot and no one charged.

Rangi Hetet's passion is being passed down the generations.

Rangi Hetet's life carving for the people honoured in new film

His work can be seen at marae across New Zealand - and now on screen.

Donna Te Huia wants to work.

Work and Income tells woman she's too old to work for them

She even offered to give up her pension, but was rejected.

Anton Matthews knows the students won't become fluent after his two-hour class, but hopes they'll learn the basics.

The bilingual restaurant normalising Te Reo

Te reo Māori is heard daily at Christchurch eatery FUSH.

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How the Mothers Project is helping women behind bars

The Hui meets women helping others get their lives back on track.

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait on The Hui.

Māori 'at war' with Oranga Tamariki

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait says a new inquiry is unique because it is for Māori, by Māori.

Malcolm Mulholland on The Hui.

The challenges Māori face getting cancer treatment

The Hui finds out why Māori don't get the same level of care as other New Zealanders.

Mihingarangi Forbes, Lady Tureiti Moxon and Emma Espiner on The Hui.

How can we fix the health system for Māori?

The Waitangi Tribunal has released a damning report on inequity in the health care system.

Mr G invited reporter Ruwani Perera to a tour of the inspiration behind his inaugural solo project.

Mr G comes home to show off his proudest work

Graham Hoete's latest project has brought him back to his precious island papakainga.

Gout is the second-most common arthritis in New Zealand, and causes painful swelling in joints like the big toe, wrist and elbows, and is triggered by high uric acid levels.

Poor treatment of gout crippling Māori communities

A Māori pharmacist is on a mission to break the myths around gout.

Minister for Oranga Tamariki Tracey Martin speaks to The Hui.

Tracey Martin in the dark on Oranga Tamariki investigations

New legislation forces the ministry to partner up with iwi and commit to the Treaty.

Jane has turned her life around, but Oranga Tamariki still doesn't believe she's fit to parent.

Mum of six determined to get kids back from Oranga Tamariki

Social services have helped Jane turn her life around - but the state still doesn't believe she's fit to parent.