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Jenny Marcroft on escaping abuse and reconnecting with whakapapa

After an idyllic childhood, traumatic teen years and a broadcasting career, Jenny Marcroft is now an MP. Here's her backstory.

Watch: Paula Bennett blasted proposed penalties on high-emissions vehicles, claiming they're just another tax on hard-working Kiwis.

Former NZ First candidate labels proposed car tax 'bloody stupid'

New Zealand First says the view doesn't reflect the position of the party.

Watch: NZIER  economist Christina Leung speaks to The AM Show about the sale.

Call for 'national interest test' after Westland Milk sold to Chinese

NZ First believes too many Kiwi companies are being sold off-shore.

Watch: Winston Peters called on Simon Bridges to resign over National's stance on the UN Migration Compact.

National urged to stop 'courting' New Zealand First

A former MP, with experience in cross-party alliances, said it's time to "draw the line".

Watch: The Prime Minister was asked to rate the Government's performance.

Year of Delivery? Political party leaders judge the Government's progress

Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges, Winston Peters, Marama Davidson and David Seymour have their say.

Watch: The Prime Minister accused National of peddling a "factually incorrect" narrative about a global migration promise New Zealand signed up to last year.

Winston Peters confident National will have new leader in 2020

"Simon Bridges isn't going to last much longer as the National Party leader - that's a fact."

Watch: Winston Peters called on Simon Bridges to resign over National's stance on the UN Migration Compact.

Bridges open to NZ First alliance despite call to resign

"My view of Winston Peters in politics is he's always viewed it as a sport."

Watch: Terminal patient pleads politicians to pass euthanasia Bill.

Euthanasia: Bridges blasts Greens, NZ First for 'voting on party lines'

"It's supposed to be a conscience vote."

The Farm Debt Mediation Bill would require creditors to offer mediation to farmers before they take enforcement action.

Proposed law would force lenders to go easy on farmers

It's an idea that was first cooked up by New Zealand First.

Watch: Shane Jones responds to questions about how many jobs have been created under the Provincial Growth Fund.

Jones dodges questions over jobs created under PGF

He won't say how many full-time, long-term jobs have been created.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern defends the Government's defence spending plan.

National questions how $20bn defence spend is 'wellbeing'

But the Prime Minister insists the spending on new aircraft is necessary.

48% of New Zealanders do not agree with legalising cannabis.

Poll: Most Kiwis don't want recreational cannabis legalised

The poll found that Green supporters were the most in favour.

The latest poll shows NZ doesn't like Simon Bridges, and he's taking National down with him.

Poll: National nosedives into dreaded 30s, possible leadership coup

The latest poll shows NZ doesn't like Simon Bridges, and he's taking National down with him.

Tova O'Brien gives her predictions on The AM Show.

Predictions: Who's in and who's out in Ardern's Cabinet reshuffle

It's likely good news for Kris Faafoi, but questions remain around Phil Twyford.

The Prime Minister announced the Government would not implement a CGT.

The National Party needs a new Big Bad to oppose

It needs a new way to target the Government - like Fair Pay Agreements.

How one woman's teeth illustrate New Zealand's dental crisis.

Dentists shocked at absence of funding

They say the Govt could still make an immediate impact with 'targeted, subsidised treatments'.

Watch: Newshub revealed the cost of processing ministers' and their staff's expenses receipts, showing the high cost of backroom paper shuffling.

Bridges halves expenses after $114k cash-splash in 2018

The National leader's expenses have been revealed along with all other MPs.

New Zealand First

Why are we giving immigrants superannuation?

We can barely cope with our own, yet here we are stuffing money into the pockets of foreign baby boomers, writes Duncan Garner.

Low February property sales showed an emerging buyers' market, former ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie told The AM Show.

The number of properties owned by MPs revealed

Our representatives in Parliament collectively own hundreds of properties.

Watch: PM Jacinda Ardern and National's drug reform spokesperson spoke to The AM Show about the recreational cannabis referendum.

Peters calls for more police if cannabis vote doesn't pass

"We will need more than the 1800 police that we're getting now."

Justice Minister Andrew Little discussed why the Government chose the legal age of 20.

Cannabis vote: Why the Government decided on legal age of 20

"If you put too high an age on it you just encourage the black market."

Watch: Carmel Sepuloni has announced just three changes to welfare laws.

Welfare reform: National says Greens received 'nothing'

Labour has an agreement with the Greens to reform the welfare system.

Watch: National's Simon Bridges responds to questions about police referring a complaint from Jami-Lee Ross about the party's election donations to the Serious Fraud Office.

Coalition partner with the least donations revealed

Despite not being in government, one party took the crown.

Watch: Simon Bridges ripped into MPs on the opposite side of the House.

Watch: Bridges lets rip in Parliament, labels rival MPs 'clowns'

He claimed Winston Peters is "too scared" to go into the Pike River mine.

The Ports of Auckland.

'No point' investing in Northport without rail link - working group

The Government wanted Northport considered as an alternative to the Ports of Auckland.

Simon Bridges and Winston Peters are squabbling over who should get credit for it, reports Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien.

A backdown of epic proportions: How the CGT died

Simon Bridges and Winston Peters are squabbling over who should get credit for it.

Winston Peters dismissed an insinuation Labour was being controlled by a smaller party.

Peters shuts down claim NZ First controls Labour

"Next question."

Watch: National MPs have spoken out against leader Simon Bridges.

Bridges to be gone by July, Bennett not far behind - Peters

"They'll have a new team lined up, but they won't have the thing that matters... a leader."

Watch: Government rules out capital gains tax

Business groups, landlords elated at CGT backdown

NZ First have been hailed as heroes for their role in the U-turn.

New Zealand First

Watered down capital gains tax would prove NZ First is in charge - O'Brien

The Government is expected to announce a capital gains tax on Wednesday.