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Watch: Simon Bridges and Jacinda Ardern comment on how National might not support the next tranche of gun law reforms.

Tighter gun laws to go before Parliament

"We know the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a licence."


'I may well': Helen Clark says she would consider seeking illegal cannabis for pain relief

The debate about the drug is heating up.

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Father speaks out after losing his son killed in 'senseless' death

"We haven't slept."

Watch: The Government believes upping standards for rental homes could save lives.

Five ways you're breaking your tenants' hearts, souls and wallets

Renting isn't a choice, it's a necessity - so cut them some slack.

Supporters of Peter Ellis say his fight for justice hasn't died with him.

Calls for Supreme Court to hear Peter Ellis' appeal

The man whose child sex abuse case gripped the nation died on Wednesday.

Judge holding gavel in courtroom

Missouri temporarily blocked from enforcing restrictive abortion law

The law would only allow for an abortion after the eighth week in the case of medical emergencies.

The repeal was announced on Tuesday.

Difficult to judge appropriate pay for MPs - employment expert

The current formula is being repealed.


Parents sue school after staff allegedly drew on boy's hair with marker

"It took many days of scrubbing to come off."

Dr Marewa Glover and Andrew Becroft were on The AM Show.

'Shocking': Māori leader stunned by claim smoking in car ban discriminatory

A researcher told The AM Show banning smoking when kids are in the car is unfair to Māori.


Woman who uses cannabis to treat arthritis urges doctors to prescribe to patients in need

"I think it's just a matter of a bit of bravery."

Andrew Little on Newshub Nation.

US unlikely to honour NZ suppression orders - expert

"Their concerns of free speech can pretty much trump anything."


Majority of MPs vote in favour of abortion law reforms

As it currently stands, abortion is an offence under the Crimes Act.

New York has banned pet owners from declawing their cats.

'Cruel' cat declawing banned by New York

The state's lawmakers signed the legislation on Monday.

Milton Wainwright used saws to deface the carving.

Man convicted of wilful damage for cutting penis off Māori carving

The judge said he knew "full well" he'd face legal trouble.

Watch: Google apologises to Andrew Little over botched name suppression.

Google suspends Trends email notifications

It comes after the company revealed the suppressed name of a murder suspect.

Watch: Andrew Little is "frustrated" by Google's inaction after it broke name suppression.

Justice Minister accused of maybe breaking suppression order

Andrew Little's video reacting to the tech giant breaking suppression orders might also have broken the rules.

Monday's legislation amendments could impact you directly.

What Monday's law amendments mean for you

Almost everyone nationwide will be affected by tomorrow's sweeping law changes.

Watch: The Sinaloa Cartel is believed to be targeting our borders.

NZ drug market devastating Pacific Island nations - experts

"We pay top dollar. So if you want a good return on your money, you will sell it to New Zealand."


Royal Commission could 'expose' state care abuse survivors

A state abuse lawyer says the trust of some survivors has been dented.

Stephen Franks was on The AM Show.

Folau 'would win' case for unlawful contract termination in NZ - lawyer

"If he ran his case under New Zealand law, I think he would win."