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Watch: Waikato University Professor of Psychology speaks to The AM Show about phones and driving.

New York considering banning texting and walking

If the Bill passes, New Yorkers could be fined up to NZ$382.

Earlier this year the Government announced a ban on smoking in cars with children.

Record number of shops caught selling cigarettes to teens

Retailers in one city are consistently failing to ask for ID.

Watch: Jesse Mulligan goes on rant against anti-vaccine advocates.

Germany may fine anti-vaxxer parents

Its health minister wants to eradicate measles.

Watch: Prince William's full speech from Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.

Kensington Palace deletes tweets after potential breach of NZ law exposed

It posted a video and the full name of a child injured in the Christchurch shooting.

A lawsuit alleges facial recognition software is used by Apple in its stores.

US man sues Apple for US$1 billion

He says a picture which was not him was included in a warrant he was served.


Honey retailer admits adding synthetic chemicals to product

MPI says it's a landmark case.

Documentary Leaving Neverland left some viewers shaken.

Michael Jackson's kids investigate his sex abuse accusers

Prince, Paris and Blanket just want "to preserve their father's musical legacy".

Anna Florence Reed, 22, is believed to have died in a sex game gone wrong last week.

The violent sex act a former judge says should be outlawed

He compared it to playing chicken on the road.

Watch: Are emojis killing off the English language?

Court's verbal gymnastics to avoid F-bomb in trademark case

To much laughter, justices and lawyers went to hilarious lengths to avoid the four-letter word.

Playboy cover.

Man sues parents for destroying massive porn collection

The collection included titles such as "Frisky Business" and "Big Bad Grannys".


Councillor's lawyer blasts ex-attorney's penis measuring strategy

She said the indecent assault defence tactic was a "joke that went wrong".


Hamilton City Council's attempt to ban street prostitution might be illegal

Even the council admits it's on shaky legal ground.


What the Government's gun buyback scheme will and won't cover

Dealers are afraid they won't be compensated for losses.


Failure to force gun law slow-down because of lateness 'embarrassing' - Seymour

He still believes the Government is rushing important work.

The new legislation should be law by the end of next week.

Most hunters back Govt's proposed gun law changes - Fish & Game

That's despite a few concerns.


Govt to be tougher on gangs with illegal weapons - Peters

"After this disaster, we are for real."

He faced a $50,000 fine for doing it.

Brian Tamaki backs down after posting illegal Coat of Arms video

He faced a $50,000 fine for doing it.

Watch: Ex-police firearms manager concerned about ease of alleged Christchurch gunman's licence

Police slam fake firearm hand-in forms

They've said it is "unacceptable".

Chris Gallivan on The AM Show.

Lessons from the Anders Breivik trial

There are fears the accused will use his appearances in court to "spout his vitriol and worldview".

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated.

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school

Parents can be fined up to NZ$800