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Memes' like 'the love triangle' could be banned.

Is the death of memes upon us?

A new EU copyright law could see them completely banned.

The social problem. A young pregnant woman unhappy with the test that he wants to have an abortion

Northern Ireland abortion law 'incompatible with human rights'

Britain's Supreme Court says the law should be changed for cases of rape or incest.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Elena di Palma spoke to Eric Young following the Government's announcement.

Microbeads to be taken off shelves today

It is now illegal to manufacture or sell products that contain the harmful plastic beads.

Justice Minister Andrew Little spoke with Lisa Owen on Newshub Nation earlier this year.

Revealed: Govt's PR strategy for criminal law reform

The Govt has been warned to expect 'significant resistance' to some proposed changes.

Justice Minister Andrew Little spoke with Lisa Owen on Newshub Nation earlier this year.

Govt advised​ to take 'urgent action' to avoid ​prison failure

Govt is keeping the changes secret but has been advised they could cause "significant public concern".

The research found not all registered civil legal aid lawyers actually provided that help.

Kiwis' access to legal aid declining, research says

"It is unaffordable for most people to pay a lawyer."


How a 30-year-old biscuit tin helps maintain New Zealand's democracy

Mitchell Alexander explains the most Kiwi part of New Zealand's lawmaking.

National leader Simon Bridges says the "guys and girls" in government won't get tough on gangs, even if the police minister wants to.

Bridges says Labour 'guys and girls' won't get tough on gangs

The National leader says the police minister is making promises his party won't fulfill.

a Young pregnant woman working late in bed.

Kiwi sex workers at risk after classifieds website shut down

The FBI seized Backpage.com on Friday and it's already making sex workers' lives harder.


New Zealand's 'inevitable' republic: Part two

Sir Geoffrey Palmer says "western democracy is in considerable peril" and that a New Zealand republic is essential.

Ted Nugent says he has proof the student activists advocating for tighter gun control are "soulless".

Ted Nugent labels Parkland student activists 'mushy brained'

The musician and NRA board member also accused them of having "no souls".


Parliament changes bright-line law

The property tax has been extended from two years to five.

Hundreds of thousands joined the March for Our Lives protest on Saturday.

Nearly a million show up to protest gun violence

The Washington rally was organised by teen activists after last month's school shooting.

Ruth Money and Simon Bridges talk to The AM Show.

Call to end right to silence in child abuse cases

It comes after yet another awful case in Auckland - a four-month-old with 16 fractures.

The CTV building collapse accounted for the bulk of the quake's 185 deaths.

'One year and a day law' heads to Cabinet

The law influenced the decision not to prosecute over the CTV building collapse.

Safe deposit box

Dumped $30,000 safe sparks 'finders keepers' debate

The curious case of the discarded $30,000 tests human nature and the law.

On her 25th birthday in 1993, Ms Presley inherited US$100 million.

Lisa Marie Presley sues manager after losing millions

Elvis' daughter inherited $100 million in 1993, but says she has just $14,000 left.

Judge holding gavel in courtroom

The world's craziest laws

Reddit users share their countries' weird rules.

Employment law expert Jennifer Mills says pulling a sickie today is not the smartest move.

How hard is it to get away with pulling a sickie?

"If you provide a valid medical certificate, it's very difficult for an employer to look behind it."

Heidi Lilley, 54, and Kia Sinclair, 23, are taking their city to court over their right to go topless.

Women taking city to court over right to go topless

They say it's discriminatory that men can be shirtless, but women can't.