John Key

Simon Bridges has made his first major pitch to the National Party as leader.

Simon Bridges pitches old Labour class size idea

His first major pitch as leader has a familiar ring to it.

John Key

Labour 'not the right party' to handle economic woes, Key warns

It comes as business confidence in NZ continues to drop.

Simon Bridges on The AM Show.

Key tells Nats not to worry about Bridges' poll ratings

The former leader will be offering support at National's annual conference this weekend.

Who was the first to use this boring design?

Peters says Australia stole NZ's flag - but did they?

History shows it's much more complicated than the NZ First leader thinks.

John Key

Max Key splits from girlfriend

The former Prime Minister's son is a bachelor once more.

John Key

David Seymour and Max Key twerk together in DWTS video

Brace yourself.

Mary and Sir Bill English.

Sir Simon William English, but you can call him 'Bill'

Former Prime Minister Bill English has been made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

John Key

Sir John reveals his biggest regret as PM

"But that is the one I feel I definitely failed on."

Kim Dotcom is confident he will be seeing former Prime Minister Sir John Key in court.

Kim Dotcom to go after Sir John Key

The internet mogul has said "it is show time".

John Key

Kim Dotcom wins Human Rights Tribunal case

The Megaupload founder says his extradition case is now "over", and has promised retribution.

John Key

As it happened: Barack Obama welcomed to New Zealand

He's met with the Prime Minister following a spine-tingling welcome.

John Key

John Key beats Barack Obama after tense golf play-off

NZ's former Prime Minister and the ex-US President were all square after 18 holes.

Sir John is expected to challenge his mate on the golf course.

What Sir John Key says Obama is really like

Sir John Key revealed what he and the former US president will likely talk about.

Max Key and Renee Brown

Max Key posts romantic Valentine's Day snap with new girlfriend

He says while it's their first Valentine's Day, it won't be their last...

John Key

Why this Aussie model was scared to meet Sir John Key

"Everyone was warning me..."

John Key

Vicious insults hurled at Max Key's new track

George FM listeners didn't pull punches over John Key's son's new remix.

How do NZ's major political players match up with historic portraits?

New Zealand politicians and their art history twins

How do NZ's major political players match up with historic portraits?

John Key

Max Key showing off new girlfriend?

He's referring to her as "my fav" and "this one".

Jacinda Ardern on The Edge.

Why Jacinda Ardern refuses to sing Christmas songs on the radio

John Key did it, but the Prime Minister told The Edge she won't be.

John Key

Sir John Key spotted in Parliament

He called in to see his former colleagues in the House.