Winston Peters

Watch: Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters respond to the 2012 tweet.

Tweet from 2012 shows Ardern's thoughts on Alan Jones

44 minutes ago

The Aussie shock-jock described the PM a "complete clown" in August.

Winston Peters

Watch: Kanoa Lloyd asks Winston Peters to 'be a grown-up'

2 hours ago

The Project host addressed the stoush between the politician and Mark Richardson.

Watch: Winston Peters continued his war of words with Mark Richardson on The Project.

Winston Peters offers political support to MediaWorks TV

"We as a political party are not going to leave this scene and leave it like it is."

Watch: Simon Bridges' plan to convert 'pinko' Ardern baby.

'Bugger the PC brigade': Bridges takes crack at political correctness

"I want to make sure that people can say what they think even where it's a bit un-PC."

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern answers questions about Winston Peters' comments.

Peters bites back at 'gutless' Richardson

Jacinda Ardern is distancing herself from the Deputy PM's comments.

Ryan Bridge had some words for National leader Simon Bridges.

Ryan Bridge's advice to National: Take away Peters' bargaining chip

"It's time to rule out the old dog and show some leadership."

Mark Richardson gave his opinion of Winston Peters.

'Heartless and classless': Richardson rips into Peters in scathing Three sale rebuttal

In an impassioned speech, Richardson said Peters lacks basic human respect.

Watch: Winston Peters admits there's a 'succession plan' for New Zealand First leadership.

Drug testing company welcomes NZ First's rethink

Party members are reconsidering their position after a clash with the youth wing on Sunday.

Winston Peters delivered his major address at the party conference on Sunday.

Winston Peters admits 'succession plan' for NZ First leader

But he was tight-lipped about who's been tapped to replace him.

Watch: Winston Peters' speech at NZ First party conference on Sunday.

Watch: Winston Peters' speech at NZ First conference

The Deputy Prime Minister addressed the conference on Sunday afternoon.

Hannah Tamaki talks about immigration.

Hannah Tamaki sets sights on NZ First voters

"The hope we entrusted to New Zealand First for our future has come to nothing."

"I think I've got more terms in me than some of those asking the questions."

Cantankerous Peters digs deep against National, MediaWorks and gun owners

"I think I've got more terms in me than some of those asking the questions."

Watch: Hundreds of jobs on the line as future of MediaWorks' TV business Three up in the air.

Deputy PM Winston Peters celebrates Three's looming sale

More than 500 jobs are hanging in the balance.

Winston Peters

NZ First MP claims he's the victim after being kicked out of bar

Winston Peters is promising a screening of the CCTV footage.

The Government appears to have shifted the goalposts on a major Coalition commitment on police numbers.

Confusion over Govt's 1800 new police target

The Police Association says any change would be deeply disappointing.

Watch: Labour has come under fire from its allies.

Labour under fire from 'frustrated' unions calling for fair pay agreements

A proposal has been with the Government since December.

Winston Peters is refusing to standby while Shane Jones is criticised.

'Unreconstructed morons': Peters unloads on Jones' critics over AR-15 photo

He's refusing to stand by while his MP is criticised.

Bridges has had a bump, but is still out of Ardern's league.

Poll: Ardern's personal brand takes a bashing, Bridges gets a bump

The Prime Minister's popularity has been tarnished by a cacophony of cock-ups and controversies.

Watch: Winston Peters condemned pollsters after New Zealand First dropped below the five percent threshold.

NZ First leaks reveal a furious party fighting back against its leadership

New Zealand First has referred the leak to the police.

Related video: Winston Peters condemned pollsters after New Zealand First dropped below the five percent threshold.

Peters condemns 'malicious' leak of NZ First members' personal details

The Deputy PM said the "serious breach" is being reported to the police.