Winston Peters

Watch the Prime Minister's full media stand-up in Melbourne.

Ardern calls on US to play larger role 'within our region'

"There hasn't been the same level of attention from the United States."

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister shakes hands with US Vice President Mike Pence.

White House 'catch-up': Peters pitches free trade to US

"We have not made the progress on a bilateral trade agreement that we should have."

Winston Peters

NZDF plane breaks down ahead of Ardern's Melbourne trip

We only have two 757s - and they're now both in maintenance.

Watch: Winston Peters held a press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne following a bilateral in Auckland.

Australia has 'no intention' of reviewing deportation law

Winston Peters didn't even raise it in a meeting with Australia's Foreign Minister.

Watch: Winston Peters called on Simon Bridges to resign over National's stance on the UN Migration Compact.

National urged to stop 'courting' New Zealand First

A former MP, with experience in cross-party alliances, said it's time to "draw the line".

Watch: The Prime Minister was asked to rate the Government's performance.

Year of Delivery? Political party leaders judge the Government's progress

Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges, Winston Peters, Marama Davidson and David Seymour have their say.

Watch: The Prime Minister accused National of peddling a "factually incorrect" narrative about a global migration promise New Zealand signed up to last year.

Winston Peters confident National will have new leader in 2020

"Simon Bridges isn't going to last much longer as the National Party leader - that's a fact."

Donations made by the alleged gunman have been offered to victims of the Christchurch massacre.

Exclusive: Alleged Christchurch gunman's donation offered to victims

"When I really understood the money came from him, I split it," a European far-right leader says.

Watch: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would "never sign away the sovereignty and maintenance of our own immigration policy".

PM accuses National of peddling 'factually incorrect' narrative

"They claimed that we wouldn't hold sovereignty over our own borders."

Watch: Winston Peters called on Simon Bridges to resign over National's stance on the UN Migration Compact.

Bridges open to NZ First alliance despite call to resign

"My view of Winston Peters in politics is he's always viewed it as a sport."

Winston Peters and Philip Arps

Police investigating white supremacists' death threats against Winston Peters

Philip Arps was filmed calling for the Deputy Prime Minister to be hanged.

David Seymour was on The AM Show.

David Seymour surprised by support for euthanasia Bill

"I thought it might be 65 or 67, it turned out 70 MPs voted for it."

Watch: National leader Simon Bridges is labelling the spend-up a "bottomless pit".

KiwiRail 'back on track': How the $1b boost will be spent

National leader Simon Bridges is labelling the spend-up a "bottomless pit".

Watch: Winston Peters and Paula Bennett debate the Government's progress on tackling meth use.

Peters rejects claim National halved meth use

The Deputy Prime Minister labelled it the "world's best kept secret".

Christopher Luxon on The AM Show.

Luxon 'absolutely' interested in standing for National

The outgoing Air NZ chief executive has nailed his colours to the mast.

Winston Peters

Millie Elder Holmes recounts prank calling Winston Peters

"I think you're my dad."

Gower on White Man Behind A Desk.

Patrick Gower reveals worst call of his career

He quit politics not long after.

Duncan Garner on The AM Show.

Winston Peters knows he's untouchable

He's the boss, and this makes it hugely difficult for the Prime Minister, writes Duncan Garner.

Winston Peters.

Winston Peters claims dispute with teachers solved

But his comments are in direct contradiction to teachers' unions.

Winston Peters

Coalition Government least effective in 25 years

No immigration cuts, Kiwibuild's a flop and still no world-class cancer centres, writes Duncan Garner.