Hundreds of die-hard royal fans camp out in Windsor

Hundreds of die-hard royal fans have spent the night camped out along the procession route on the Long Walk in Windsor, UK. 

They will be the first to see bride Meghan Markle arrive by car to the wedding, and again in horse and carriage with her new husband. 

It's been a long wait for some royal super-fans from Portsmouth who won't even leave their front row spot to get breakfast in case they miss Prince Harry. 

"He's a naughty boy. We love a naughty boy," Sue Davies told Newshub of her affection for the prince. 

Their neighbour Maggie Wells is also a big fan of Harry.

"He's my favourite yeah, and he's a redhead, I've got three daughters that are redheads," she said. 

Her granddaughter, 5, is camping out too - hopefully not freezing in her own princess castle. 

There are people camped out from all corners of the world, including South Africa, Tennessee and Canada. 

Nearby there's facilities fit for royal fanatics. There are London pies and mash, Cornwall pasties and the best Aberdeen Angus. From the continent there's authentic Italian pizza, made by an excited Enriquo.

For those with a sweet spot there is soft serve ice cream, plenty of confectionary and hundreds of lavatories. While Harry's sixth in line to the throne, the lines to these thrones are expected to be much, much longer.

If the procession, the people or royal protocol gets too much, you can always grab some grog, or like many of the punters, just bring your own.  

There's no shortage of people camping out to catch a glimpse of the prince and his bride.