Newshub unpacks Royal Wedding novelty condoms

We're all very, very excited about the royal wedding. But if you're particularly excited, one of the weirder novelty products celebrating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been released. 

Crown Jewels heritage condoms have been released in honour of the big day, taking the phrase 'lie back and think of England' to a whole new level. 

Newshub ordered a set of these exciting prophylactics, so you don't have to. 

As you open the box, you'll be treated to an 'exclusive musical arrangement' of God Save the Queen and The Star Spangled Banner.  The condoms have been "delightfully lubed" and are described as "stylish and comfortable"; everything you've always wantd in a condom. 

They cost £10, so almost NZ$20 (plus about $10 shipping), for only four condoms. 

The creator claim the contraceptives are "fit for a prince" and that "your prince will come". Oddly enough, the soon-to-be royal couple are yet to endorse the product.

Perhaps the most important point, is the tiny disclaimer on the back, stating; "This is a novelty product. Not intended for use as a contraceptive."