How to totally avoid the royal wedding

In case you haven't realised it already Prince Harry, the sixth-in-line to the British throne, is marrying US actress Meghan Markle.

It's not the first time Ms Markle has made a marriage mistake. This is her second attempt at true love - although the first time she's married a ginger.

And while this is Prince Harry's first marriage, he does have a history of making bad decisions (mostly under the influence of alcohol).

If you wish to avoid watching this royal train-wreck, here are a few things you can do instead.

Watch the football

How to totally avoid the royal wedding
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Prince Harry is known for his partying. And in typical fashion, he's managed to double-book his wedding for the most important day of the year - the 2017/18 FA Cup Final.

The date for the match was announced six months ago, before the royal wedding date was set, but that didn't stop Prince Harry. Both events will now take place on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Chelsea will take on rivals Manchester United in a fierce grudge match - and expectations are huge for the game.

Fortunately, this gives anti-royalists the perfect excuse to avoid the wedding and focus on more important things, like watching spoiled and overpaid superstars kick a ball around a field.      

As the wedding starts a few hours before kickoff, the best excuse to miss the whole thing altogether is to…

Go to the pub

How to totally avoid the royal wedding
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Celebrate in true Prince Harry fashion by going to the pub. England has some of the best beer in the world, while Scotland remains unsurpassed in its whisky.

But while the UK has some of the best alcohol, it has some of the worst drinking statistics.

Figures from Public Health England's alcohol consumption statistics show 16.5 percent of adults in England are binge-drinking at least once a week. More than 13 percent of all London adults are classified as binge drinkers.

It's no surprise then that the prince has taken the tipple too far before. Infamously, nude photos emerged of him playing strip billiards at Vegas in 2012, and he was made to visit drug users in rehab at the age of 16 after being caught smoking cannabis and heavy drinking.

Protest against the wedding

How to totally avoid the royal wedding
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Despite the relentless media coverage, not everyone's a fan of the royal wedding.

Anti-monarchic campaign group Republic has vowed to campaign on the streets of York on the day of the wedding, calling it a "waste of taxpayers' money".

"Harry and Meghan chose to get married in Windsor, they chose to turn it into a public parade," CEO Graham Smith wrote for iNews.

"Meanwhile, more people will fall victim to violent crime this week and every week before and after the royal wedding and our dedicated and hardworking police officers will struggle to cope with too few resources."

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Scott Palmer is a Newshub digital news producer.