Royal wedding: Page boy photobombs the Duchess

  • 20/05/2018

It was the moment everyone in the world had been waiting for - Meghan Markle stepping out of her car and gracefully walking up the steps to debut her stunning Givenchy gown.

However instead of all eyes being on the bride, the moment was hilariously stolen when one of her incredibly excited page boys unleashed an excited toothy grin and photobombed Meghan's special moment.

Meghan's page boys included her bestie Jessica Mulroney's twin sons John and Brian, and while the verdict is out on exactly which one was the culprit - it was clearly one of the twins.

Twitter was quick to react to what might be the best royal photobomb we've ever seen.

Meghan's bridal party - which also included Kate Middleton and Prince William's children George and Charlotte - were clearly excited by their role in the big day.

Seen pressing their faces up against the car window, Meghan even had a little moment at the top of the aisle when it looked like her little helpers might forget to take her bouquet off her.

Newshub/Channel 7