Royal wedding: Presents the Prime Minister should give, and probably will

Two young royals Meghan and Harry are getting married.

They've asked for no presents and donations to charity instead, which of course means everyone is getting them presents - including  including New Zealand's Prime Minister, who is a self-described republican and believes the nation will separate from the monarchy within her lifetime.

This afternoon Jacinda Ardern will reveal what the royal gift is, but in the meantime it's much more fun to speculate.

It has to be something that can be posted, obviously, which means no OPI nail varnishes - a lesson we've all learnt the hard way.

Here are what we believe to be the most likely gifts the PM will be sending to the UK. 

Allbirds slippers

These are made by a New Zealand company, so the royals probably don't already own them. Plus, the Prime Minister appears to love these slipper-shoes. She's already given them to visiting Australian officials.

Billed as 'soft comfort and a smart silhouette', it sounds like they'd suit a royal couple potting around a country cottage. Just saying.

An Allbirds lounger. Comfy.
An Allbirds lounger. Comfy. Photo credit: Allbirds/Screenshot

Edmonds Cookbook

Do royal cook? Probably not, but a weathered Edmonds is a classic slice of Kiwiana that every household must own.

'Mickey to Tiki' art print

No modern, middle-class Kiwi home is complete without that Dick Frizzell classic we all know and love - the 'Mickey to Tiki' art print that brings a small amount of acceptable culture into otherwise minimalist living rooms. One of the more recognisable pieces of New Zealand art, the original sold for $94,000 in 2013, but Ms Ardern can easily pick up a replica in any market around the country this weekend for a fraction of the cost. 


If the country hasn't sold out for Mother's Day, Ms Ardern might choose to give the happy royal couple a Nespresso machine, so they're able to enjoy cafe-quality coffee at home without risking paparazzi, or Markle's father setting up staged publicity shots. I (Sarah, not Anna) would personally recommend the Citiz model, which retails at around $499.

The only problem is, of course, the eco-unfriendliness of the pods; but as they would be going into English landfills rather than our own, no qualms.

Kiwi-shaped paua shell earrings

There's no chance of a gift double-up here. They're classic and stately, but the main thing is they will fit in a standard envelope, saving on postage.

Mohair throw

A staple of every Kiwi couch in winter, those chilly days in the UK countryside are crying out for a mohair throw. They're great to add a pop of colour to otherwise boring colour schemes, but Ms Ardern would probably want to go for a classic pale grey or beige just to avoid any unexpected clashes.

A nice way for Markle to stay cozy whilst curled up on the couch watching Suits reruns.

Map of NZ tattoo voucher

Nothing says 'classic Kiwi' like the outline of these shaky isles tattooed up the calf. As a romantic gesture, the loving pair could get one island tattooed on each of them, like a best friends necklace but for New Zealand's monarchs.

On reflection, the Prime Minister would be more likely to offer a voucher for a temporary tattoo, seeing as she'd prefer to eventually remove the Queen's head from our stamps and coins.

A real-life kiwi

If she wanted to make the boldest Kiwiana statement she possibly could, Ms Ardern might choose to ship over a real kiwi bird to the happy couple. Quite a low maintenance pet, their ability to see in the dark means the royal couple could let it out before they went to bed and spend little on food as it scrounged for grubs and worms in the garden.

The only hairy moments would be when the Queen bought the corgis around, but surely a special enclosure could be arranged for our national bird. A country-wide competition could be held to name the wedding gift - which of course means 'Kiwi McKiwi-face' would be jetsetting its way to the UK.

Royal wedding: Presents the Prime Minister should give, and probably will
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