The $100 do-it-yourself royal wedding

  • 17/05/2018

According to a rudimentary Google search, the average price of a Kiwi wedding is about $35,000.

It's a lot, but in rather stark contrast, Harry and Meghan will be spending over $4 million of their own cash, according to wedding planning site (pretty impressive savings rate for Harry after just a 10-year military career).

(The $58,000,000 security bill will be picked up by the UK taxpayer).

But there is another way!

Newshub presents the DIY Kiwi way to recreate the royal wedding.

Wedding certificate: $35

Important and easy. It costs $35 to have one sent out to you, and $25 for any extra copies.

Ring: $30

Hers is worth hundreds of thousands of course, but now you can get your own Prince Harry-designed engagement ring for just $30.

UK retailer Argos is selling an imitation of Meghan's ring -  it's called the Meghan Sparkle - for less than £15.

They don't deliver to NZ so you'll need a friend in the UK to post this over for you.

The dress: from $1

No need for a cheap imitation here - second-hand wedding dresses are a bargain on TradeMe, some starting from a $1 reserve. Go on, you're worth it.

The flowers: $35

Meghan is said to love peonies and roses, and the couple are said to be spending up to $215,000 of their modest budget on ceremony flowers.

Get your own peony/rose bouquet that will last a lifetime here for just $35.

The cake: $5

Being hipsters at heart, Meghan and Harry have chosen east London's Violet Cakes to bake a lemon and elderflower buttercream creation for them, said to be costing close to $100,000 (seriously, how is this even possible?).

Honestly, we couldn't find a budget option for a wedding cake. I'd suggest you get down Baker's Delight for the $5 Boston bun and chuck a married couple figurine on top of that beauty.

Congratulations, lovebirds!

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