Rugby World Cup 2019: Uruguay

  • 01/04/2019

World ranking: 19th

Qualification: Second in Americas

Best result: Pool stage

TAB odds: $501

Chances: Another Americas team that won't send fear through their opponents, although this pool at least provides a chance to gauge themselves against upsettable teams.

If they can snag a win against Fiji or Georgia (as they did in 2003), that would be a great result for the South Americans.

Leading players:

Juan Manuel Cat

Comfortable at either 10 or 13, Cat is a fine footballer, but Felipe Berchesi is a very capable first-five, which means outside centre might be Cat's home for the tournament. The 23-year-old is a creator with both hands and feet, and will have an attacking impact.


Forwards: Facundo Gattas, Joaquín Jaunsolo, Mateo Sanguinetti, Germán Kessler, Guillermo Pujadas, Diego Arbelo, Juan Echeverría, Juan Pedro Rombys, Ignacio Dotti, Manuel Leindekar, Diego Magno, Franco Lamana, Manuel Ardao, Santiago Civetta, Manuel Diana, Juan Manuel Gaminara (capitán), Juan Diego Ormaechea, Alejandro Nieto

Backs: Agustín Ormaechea, Santiago Arata, Felipe Berchesi, Felipe Etcheverry, Juan Manuel Cat, Santiago Vilaseca, Agustín Della Corte, Tomás Inciarte, Federico Favaro, Nicolás Freitas, Leandro Leivas, Gastón Mieres, Rodrigo Silva.

Pool draw (NZT)
September 25
Fiji v Uruguay, Kamaishi City, 5:15pm

September 29
Georgia v Uruguay, Kumagaya City, 6:15pm

October 5
Australia v Uruguay, Oita Prefecture, 6:15pm

October 13
Wales v Uruguay, Kumamoto City, 9:15pm


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The ninth Rugby World Cup kicks off on September 20 in Japan - the first time it has been hosted in Asia.

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