Newshub's Essential Guide to Rugby World Cup 2019

Over the next six weeks, casual rugby fans will be bombarded with an endless array of jargon and terminology, as they become more engrossed in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The oval-ball game is confusing enough for the most devoted of watchers at times, so if you've just coming into this conversation, good luck to you.

At Newshub, we've tried to help you out by creating the 'Essential Guide to Rugby World Cup 2019'.

Essential Guide to 2019 Rugby World Cup

Everything you need to know about rugby and the World Cup...

The ninth Rugby World Cup kicks off on September 20 in Japan - the first time it has been hosted in Asia.

At the bottom of most stories, we've attached a drop-down menu of rugby terms, nicknames and famous players for easy reference during the tournament.

We'll add to this list as the event continues to add to your rugby education. Hope it helps.


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