Rugby World Cup 2019: Amazing footage emerges of George Bridge's try against South Africa

Amazing video of George Bridge's try in New Zealand's opening World Cup win against South Africa has been shared by World Rugby.

The incredible footage, by Canon Japan, shows the build-up to the try viewed from multiple angles at ground level.

It's called the free viewpoint video generation system. Canon says for the system to work, a number of cameras are required to start filming at the same time.

"You can freely set the viewpoint, such as reproducing the scene that the player on the pitch was watching or viewing the same scene from various angles," Canon says.

"Furthermore, it is now possible to manipulate the viewpoint and time as desired, such as changing the viewpoint freely while making the video in slow motion."

Social media users were stunned by the "unreal" footage.

"Looks like a videogame!" a Facebook user added.

"Absolutely stunning coverage," another said.