Rugby World Cup 2019: Commentator shares stories of Kiwis being sore losers

New Zealanders have the capacity to be nasty if things don't go their way at the Rugby World Cup, a commentator says.

Keith Quinn has been on the ground for several major All Black defeats and says he's seen a variety of behaviour from spectators.

The 1999 Rugby World Cup loss to France was a stand out event for him, where New Zealand lost to France at the semi-final stage 43 - 31.

"It was also very cold and it started that heavy London drizzle and I could see them walking away with their bedraggled flags damp around their shoulders very disappointed and angry.

"Hurling abuse, shouting at people, banging on cars, not a good day for Kiwi watchers. That's the worst one."

Quinn was also there for New Zealand's worst-ever Rugby World Cup defeat when the All Blacks lost to France in the quarter-finals in Cardiff in 2007.

"The game against France where we lost with the forward pass thing and the crowd didn't behave very well either," he said.

"As I was being interviewed a guy grabbed me around the neck and dashed me across the side... basically he was saying 'what went wrong Keith?', and then around the corner something similar happened."

But there's also been times where supporters have taken a loss well.

"We're not always very good when we lose, however, we sometimes take it very cheerfully like when we lost in Dublin sometime. Whoever can get angry in Dublin?"

Quinn said Kiwis need to be careful they don't get complacent about expecting a major win though.

"There was in the early stages of the Rugby World Cup an expectation that this brand would get us through into our team and we would always win," he said.

"We won in 1987 but we were the world champions for four years and I think we as a nation thought we'll just keep on going winning this thing every four years into the future.

"We'd always told ourselves through all the years before the world cup arrived that we were the world's best and so that's changed a bit too, but what we have to be wary of most of all this time is [thinking] that we'll win automatically."

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