Rugby World Cup 2019: France v Argentina - Live updates

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France 23 Argentina 21


81st minute - Pumas attack up the right, building phases. French turn the ball over and kick it out.

They win a thriller, but there's some argey-bargey after the whistle. Really disappointing result for Argentina, who probably must now upset the English, if they want to make the knockout stage of this tournament. 

Some really exciting contests so far this World Cup, now the game we've all been waiting for - All Blacks v Springboks.

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80th minute - Bofelli hooks it.

France run it dead for a dropout, so Pumas have one last chance.

79th minute - Pumas are tackling hard, trying to turn the ball over in French half. Bofelli claims a high kick and is taken in the air - penalty to Argentina.

Bofelli will take a long-range kick for the win.

76th minute - France win a lineout and Pumas infringe. Ntamack will line up a penalty from near touch, about 30m out.

He hooks it.

74th minute - France surge upfield, after Picamoles intercepts a clearing pass from Cubelli, but they are bundled into touch.

73rd minute - Dupont is replaced by Mechenaud.

72nd minute - Remember, these teams are in the same pool as England, so the losers will face a tough challenge advancing to the quarter-finals.

71st minute - Pumas back on attack, building phases in midfield, but lose the ball and France clear.

70th minute - Lopez has only just arrived in the game and he slots a drop goal to put France back ahead. It just clears the crossbar.

68th minute - Urdapilleta lines up the penalty kick at goal and slots it. Argentina lead, after scoring 18 straight points.

67th minute - Pumas win a high kick and race upfield. France recover and counterattack, but Argentina win a penalty about 25m out, when the French don't release in the tackle.

Penaud is heading off for a head exam, while the officials are reviewing an aerial challenge. Gardner is happy with the original decision.

66th minute - Pumas with a scrum, they win it, but lose possession. France surge upfield.

64th minute - Vivas and Alemanno replace Chaparro and Lavanini for Argentina.

62nd minute - Medard off, Ramos on. Aldritt off, Picamoles on for France.

60th minute - Urdapilleta lines up the shot at goal and slots it to further close the margin.

59th minute - Dupont kicks on an angle, but Moroni secures the ball and sets Bofelli loose. Argentina swarm towads the posts, but French infringe and concede a penalty.

58th minute - There's some real sting in the Argentina tackling now.

57th minute - Sanhez off for Argentina, Urdapilleta on - that's a key change.

56th minute - Chat bursts upfield, but is dragged down and Pumas turn the ball over to clear.

55th minute - Le Roux for Iturria in the French second row.

53rd minute - Pumas on attack and playing under advantage. Cubelli kicks to the line, France tidy and Gardner comes back for the penalty.

Pumas kick to the corner again.

TRY to Montoya. Pumas win the lineout and maul to the line, with Montoya at the back.

Sanchez hooks the conversion attempt from wide, but his side are back in the hunt now.

51st minute - Montoya replaces Creevy. Medrano replaces Figallo in the Pumas front row.

50th minute - Dupont clears from the scrum. Argentine fans are now out-voicing the French in the crowd.

49th minute - Pumas win the lineout and swarm towards the posts, but Cubelli passes too flat - it's forward - and France have a scrum feed, just metres from their own line.

47th minute - Sanchez kicks to the corner for Carreras, Penaud is there, but spills the ball into touch.

46th minute - Argentine scrum monsters France off the ball and win a penalty to clear. French make a front row change, Guirado and Slimani are off, Chat and Bamba are on.

45th minute - French are trying to answer back and put in an attacking kick for Argentina to tidy. The Pumas knock on and concede an attacking scrum.

Moyano leaves the game, replaced by Carreras.

42nd minute - TRY to Petti Pagadizabal.

Pumas forwards win the lineout and simply drive over theline, with the lock eventually forcing for the try.

Converted by Sanchez, just the start they needed for the second half.

41st  minute - Argentina kick off the for the second half. French return the kick and Pumas go onto the attack.

They win an offside penalty in midfield and kick for the corner.

Halftime - Argentina face a huge task here, turning around momentum. They've lost their advantage at scrum time and seem almost powerless against the French attack, once the ball reaches the backs. 

France 20 (Dupont & Fickou tries; Ntamack two conversions & two penalties) Argentina 3 (Sanchez penalty)

40th minute - TMO finds a high tackle from Cubelli on Huget. Ntamack lines up another penalty and slots it to extend the lead after the halftime siren.

39th minute - France find plenty of room for the backs, but lose the ball, regain it and lose it again. They seem to have the Pumas defence shot whenver they move the ball.

38th minute - Another penalty to France and they get to crib upfield through the whistle. Medard finds touch on the Argentine 10.

37th minute - French scrum win a defensive penalty and a chance to clear. That's a huge statement from a pack that had been dominated previously.

36th minute - These scrums are a mess, they've taken the air right out of this game.

35th minute - Another attacking scrum for Argentina. They have the wood on their counterparts in this area.

Pumas push off the mark and Gardner is trying to calm everyone down. 

34th minute - Scrum collapses, Pumas playing under advantage, then France are offside, so they're playing with fire here.

32nd minute - Argentina try to maul from the lineout, but they release to the backs and knock on just a couple of metres from the line.

Referee Gardner finds a double knock-on - France first - so attacking scrum for the Pumas.

31st minute - Pumas win a turnover penalty from kick-off and kick to the corner.

Well-worked lineout by Argentina and they win a penalty for offisde - back to the corner.

30th minute - Poirot knocks on, but the French are playing under advantage. Ntamack lines up a shot at goal from midfield and slots it.

28th minute - French scrum, their first put-in, so hopefully this will go smoother for them. They win it and let the backs loose.

26th minute - Another scrum, what will happen this time? Another Pumas penalty.

25th minute - Wow, this Tokyo stadium sounds like it could be Paris, with the French anthem ringing out.

24th minute - De la Fuente knocks on and the French break out of defence again - they're really looking dangerous. Sanchez is down shaken.

22nd minute - TRY to Dupont.

Fickou again challenges the defence and when Penaud is dragged down short, he finds his halfback looming outside for the try. Ntamack converts from wide and the French are in control.

21st minute - Sanchez kicks high again, but Ntamack leaps high to claim it and the French swarm back into the Argentine half.

20th minute - The ball is hacked back into the Argentine half, but they retreat to tidy up.

18th minute - TRY to Fickou.

When the ball comes left, Vakatawa confounds the defence with his footwork and finds Fickou, who dodges his way over out wide. Ntamack converts.

17th minute - French enjoying some possession and territory here. They spread the ball right and Penaud makes a long run.

14th minute - Pumas go on attack, after a break from de la Fuente. They win a penalty close to the line and Sanchez slots it for the early lead.

12th minute - Second scrum of the game, the first was a French collapse. Argentina win another penalty and Sanchez hooks his attempt at goal from 40m out.

10th minute - Great work from Creevy to tie up the ball in a tackle and create a maul turnover.

Eighth minute - France playing under advantage and trying to break upfield. Vahaamahina looses the ball of his finger tips, advantage is over, Pumas ball.

Neither side really settling yet.

Sixth minute - Dupont puts in a high kick, but Pumas tidy up. Cubeli's high kick is spilled by Ntamack into touch.

Fourth minute - Argentina building phases up the middle, but Sanchez's kick also finds touch on the full - a wasted opportunity.

Third minute - Pumas win first penalty of the game at scrumtime - France collapsing. They find touch for an attacking lineout.

Second minute - Argentina win an attacking lineout, but their clearance pass is intercepted by Ollivon and France go on attack. Double knock-on halts play.

First minute - France kick off and Argentina clear. Ntamack tries a high tactical kick, but overcooks it into touch.


This promises to be the most evenly poised match of the weekend, besides - perhaps the All Blacks v Springboks.

The losers of this clash may struggle to get out of their pool and both these teams have been regular quarter-finalists, so an early litmus test for both.

Referee: Angus Gardner (Australia)

TAB betting odds: France $1.61 Argentina $2.20

France: 15-Maxime Medard, 14-Damian Penaud, 13-Gael Fickou, 12-Virimi Vakatawa, 11-Yoann Huget, 10-Romain Ntamack, 9-Antoine Dupont; 8-Gregory Alldritt, 7-Charles Ollivon, 6-Wenceslas Lauret, 5-Sebastien Vahaamahina, 4-Arthur Iturria, 3-Rabah Slimani, 2-Guilhem Guirado (c), 1-Jefferson Poirot.

Reserves: 16-Camille Chat, 17-Cyril Baille, 18-Demba Bamba, 19-Bernard Le Roux, 20-Louis Picamoles, 21-Maxime Machenaud, 22-Camille Lopez, 23-Thomas Ramos.

Argentina: 15-Emiliano Boffelli, 14-Matias Moroni, 13-Matias Orlando, 12-Jeronimo De la Fuente, 11-Ramiro Moyano, 10-Nicolas Sanchez, 9-Tomas Cubelli; 8-Javier Ortega Desio, 7-Marcos Kremer, 6-Pablo Matera (c), 5-Tomas Lavanini, 4-Guido Petti, 3-Juan Figallo, 2-Agustin Creevy, 1-Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro.

Reserves: 16-Julian Montoya, 17-Mayco Vivas, 18-Santiago Medrano, 19-Matias Alemanno, 20-Tomas Lezana, 21-Felipe Ezcurra, 22-Benjamin Urdapilleta, 23-Santiago Carreras.


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