Rugby World Cup 2019: How to get to the stadiums for All Blacks games

So you've finally arrived in Japan and are ready to watch the All Blacks run out onto the field up close and in real-time.

The only thing left to do now is to get yourself to the stadiums on time and in one piece.

Public transport in Japan can be overwhelming, even to locals, so don't fret if you break out in a cold sweat just looking at Tokyo's subway map.

With Newshub's handy guide to getting to the stadiums, you can be sure of arriving stress-free.

Although 12 cities around Japan will be hosting World Cup matches, the All Blacks will play in just four of these - Yokohama, Oita, Tokyo and Toyota City.

The ABs will kick off their tournament in Yokohama against South Africa on September 21. Their next match will be held in Oita, on the island of Kyushu, where they take on Canada on October 2.

On October 6, the team faces Namibia in Tokyo, before they meet Italy in their final pool match on October 12 in Toyota City, in the prefecture of Aichi. 

Depending on how they fare in the pool matches, their next games - assuming they make it through to quarter-finals - will be held in Tokyo, Oita or Yokohama.

Yokohama - International Stadium Yokohama (Nissan Stadium)

If you are staying in Tokyo, the best way to get to games in Yokohama is to get to Shin-Yokohama Station.

If you have a rail pass or are prepared to fork out a bit more for a ticket (about 2800 yen), the best way is to arrive on the bullet train (Shinkansen). 

From Tokyo Station, it takes about 18 minutes to get to Shin-Yokohama Station. You can also get on at Shinagawa Station.

Shin-Yokohama Station is one stop from Shinagawa (two from Tokyo Station) and any Shinkansen on the Tokaido Line will take you there, either the Nozomi, Hikari, or Kodama trains.

If you are on a budget and have a bit more time, a local train is a cheaper option to travel than the bullet train. 

Once you have arrived at Shin-Yokohama Station, you can either walk for about 12-15 minutes to the stadium or, if you prefer, take another train to Kozukue Station (one stop in the direction of Hachioji). This station is on the JR Yokohama Line and it is a seven-minute walk from there to the stadium

This same train-line works if you are staying around Yokohama Station, in which case  you should jump on the Hachioji-bound train for five stops, until you get to Kozukue Station.

NOTE: Make sure you get on a local train and not a rapid or limited express, as these don't stop at Kozukue Station.

Oita - Oita Stadium


Oita Stadium.
Oita Stadium. Photo credit: Getty

From Oita Station, the quickest way to get to Oita Stadium is by bus. 

Leaving from bus platform number 3 in front of the station (at the Funai-Chuo Gate - North Gate), get on the bus bound for Park Place Oita (via Shimogori) and get off at the Oita Sports Park East bus stop. 

The journey takes about 35 minutes and costs 360 yen (180 yen for children), and from there, it's about a five-minute walk to the stadium.

You can also get on a bus from stop number 6 outside Oita Station, taking the bus bound for Park Place Oita (via Hagiwara). This bus also stops at Oita Sports Park East stop, but takes a little longer and costs a little more (45 minutes, 400 yen).

If you want to take a taxi from Oita Station, expect it to cost somewhere around 2500 yen and take 25 minutes.

Tokyo - Tokyo Stadium (Ajinomoto Stadium)


Tokyo Stadium.
Tokyo Stadium. Photo credit: Getty

Located to the west of the centre of the city, there are various ways to get to Tokyo Stadium.

The closest station to the stadium is Tobitakyu (around five minutes' walk). This station is on the Keio Line, with the local train taking about 40 minutes and other trains - the rapid, semi express, express, and semi-special express - taking slightly less than this. (Be warned that the Keio Liner train does not stop at Tobitakyu Station). 

The easiest place to get on this train is from Shinjuku Station. From there, take a special or semi-special express train to Chofu Station (about 15 minutes). From Chofu Station, get on a local train (bound for Keio-Hachioji or Takaosanguchi) for three minutes, until you get to Tobitakyu Station.

Nishi-Chofu station (also on the Keio Line) is also within walking distance from the stadium. 

You can also avoid changing trains by simply getting off at Chofu Station, and taking one of the shuttle buses that run between the station and the stadium.

Another way to get to the stadium from Shinjuku Station is to jump on the Chuo Line. This route is quicker (about 25 minutes), but does require a train change at Musashi-Sakai Station. 

To go this way, get on the Chuo Line (bound for Takao), until you get to Musashi-Sakai Station (about 18 minutes on the rapid train). Once at that station, jump on the Seibu-Tamagawa Line train heading towards Koremasa and get off at Tama Station (two stops and five minutes away).

From Tama Station, the stadium is within walking distance.

This route also works if you are coming from Tokyo Station, as the Chuo Line leaves from Tokyo Station, passing through Shinjuku Station on the way.

People who don't fancy changing trains can get off at Musashi-Sakai Station, as shuttle buses will run between here and the stadium, before and after the match.

One final option from Shinjuku Station is to take the Odakyu Line (on the train bound for Hon-Atsugi) and get off at Komae Station (250 yen, about 27 minutes). Komae Station also has a shuttle service to and from the stadium.

Toyota City - Toyota Stadium

Chances are, if you are travelling to Toyota City, you will either be coming from the nearby city of Nagoya or Tokyo.

If you are coming from Tokyo, the quickest and easiest way is to take the Shinkansen to Nagoya Station and head off from there.

The closest station to the stadium is Toyotashi Station, a 15-minute walk away.

There are a few ways to get to Toyotashi Station from JR Nagoya Station. 

Take the Higashiyama Line to Fushimi Station (one stop and three minutes on the local train bound for Fujigaoka). From there, take the Tsurumai Line to Toyotashi Station, a ride of 45 minutes (this line changes name to the Meitetsu Toyota Line at Akaike Station, but don't worry, you don't need to change trains at all). 

Another option is to take the Sakura-dori Line from Nagoya Station. Jump on the local train bound for Tokushige, until you get to Gokiso Station (15 minutes).

From there, take the Toyotashi-bound train until you get to Toyotashi Station (35 minutes). This line also changes name at Akaike Station, but just remain aboard and you will end up at Toyotashi Station.

If you are coming from Meitetsu Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Nagoya Line express train (bound for Toyohashi) to Chiryu Station (about 20-30 minutes, depending on what train you catch). From there, get on the Mikawa Line bound for Sanage for 25 minutes, until you arrive at Toyotashi Station. 


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