Rugby World Cup 2019: Ireland v Japan - Live updates

Fulltime: Ireland 12-19 Japan (Check out the highlights above) 

If you feel like following some more updates, South Africa take on Namibia here. 

JAPAN 19 (Kenki Fukuoka try;  Yu Tamura conversion & four penalties) IRELAND 12 (Rob Kearney, Garry Ringrose tries; Jack Carty conversion).

80mins - Still we are yet to get back underway ... finally now as the ball comes out and Japan attack but the lose the ball forward! Ireland have to 100m.....but Carberry has put the ball out with time up on the clock!!!!! What was he doing? That's the game and Japan have done it again!

78mins - Time ticking after a couple scrum resets.

77mins - Intercept Fukuoka and he's away ... Earls chases and pulls him down 5m out! Scrun Japan as Ruddock losses the ball trying to win a turnover. 

75mins - Stockdale with a little bust on the left hand side and Ireland are working themselves into a good spot. Through nine phases ... 30m out. 

74mins - Penalty Ireland just inside their own half. Carberry kicks for touch but only finds 20m. 

72mins - Knock on from the kick off from Ireland. Scrum for Japan on theoir 10m line. 

71mins - Penalty Japan - Tumura drills it and that's a seven point lead. Japan 19-12.

69mins - Japan flinging it around and they break through Michael Leitch ..... they are playing under advantage 30m out and they have a penalty for offside play from Conor Murray! 30m out from a handy spot.

68mins - Forward pass Ireland. They made good ground up the park but the Japanese defence is magnificent and they earn a defensive scrum. 

67mins - Ireland win a turnover and have the ball on halfway. 

66mins - Tumura finds touch on halfway. 

65mins - Ireland through 9 phases ... 5m out but they can't break this wall of red and white and Japan win a penalty!!! O'Mahony holding on at the ruck.

64mins - Great play from the Irish ... Kearney kicks ahead from 30m out and Matsushima can only carry the ball over the line. Lineout Ireland 5m. 

63min - Ireland now need to chase the game for the first time in this tournament, they work the ball left and right but can't seem to find a gap, 22m out. 

58mins - TRY JAPAN - Japan playing with advantage and are tearing into this. Tupou with a barnstorming run gets them close ... they shift to the left and they have the overlap and it's Kenki Fukuoka who dots down on the corner! It's on! Tumura converts. Japan 16-12

57mins - Accidental offside from Ireland and Japan have a scrum 10m out.

56mins -  Another mistake from Japan. Micheal Leitch this time as japan got within 10m. Defensive scrum for Ireland  - Leitch down injured. 

55mins - Japan on attack - 30m out through six phases .... The Irish defence is good but Japan are rolling forward. 

54mins - Tumura hooks to the left and Ireland clear to halfway. 

52mins - Japan playing all the rugby ... Ireland don't want the ball. Japan over halfway now and playing under advantage and they will have a chance to tie the game up from 43/44m. Ireland have kicked away all their ball ... only once habe they played through more than six phases. 

50mins - They fluff their lines on the lineout and Japan clear ... Keith Earls brings the ball back .. Ireland kick it back and Matsushima is away down the right ... he kicks ahead but it's poor and Ireland have the ball back 40m out. End to end. 

49mins - The Irish scrum win a penalty .... their turn to dominate the scrum. Carty kicks for the line and they have a lineout 10m out. 

47mins - Ireland's turn to roll up field as they reach their own 10m line on two phases .... Murray with the box kick and fullback Yamanaka knocks the ball on. Irish scrum 40m out from the Japan line. 

46mins - Japan making ground with ease ... rolling into the red zone. 24m out through eight phases but again the cough the ball up. This time its was the impressive Lafaele with the mistake. Irish scrum on their own 22. The Ireland players struggling in the heat. 

45mins - Open game at the moment .... Ireland look rattled, Japan want to play rugby, 22 dropout for Ireland. 

44mins - They create an overlap on the left but the final pass is poor and Ireland recover and clear through Carty .... a bit of ariel ping pong and now the Irish have the ball 30m out. 

43mins - Japan inside the Irish hald now through sis phases making decent ground. 

42mins - Great kick fron Carty clears Irish lines .... Lineout Japan just outside their won 22. 

41mins - Nice little dink kickoff from Tumura but Labuschagne knocks the ball on.

Second half underway...

HALFTIME - Wow wow wow. What a great half. Japan winning every stat, bar the one that counts. Ireland were good for the first 20 minutes but have been bullied by a passionate and highly skilled home side. More to come shortly. 

40+3mins - Japan marching up field again and Ireland are missing tackles .... but they blow a 3v1 overlap when hooker Horie kicks ahead ... Tupou is chasing but the ball rolls out. Halftime. 

40+1mins - Scrum for Japan on halfway ... Carty's kick goes dead! 

39mins - Penalty Japan - He nails it ... lovely kick and Japan are within three. Ireland 12-9.

38mins - And they win another penalty ... Ireland shaken up here and not looking great. Tumura from in front .... 42m out. 

37mins - Japan marching up field .... 35m out through seven phases. 

35mins - Statement from Japan! They power through the Irish scrum and win a penalty. 

34mins - Poor rugby from Japan .... they throw the ball around a bit inside their own half and turn the ball over ... Ireland on the attack but Ryan is hammered in a Thompson tackle and losses the ball .... no the referee says there was a Japan hand on that and Ireland have a scrum 30m out. 

33mins - Penalty Japan - Tumura makes no mistake. Ireland 12-6.

32mins - And they earn a penalty ... Conor Murray off his feet at the ruck right out in front and Tumura will have a crack at an easy three points. 

31mins - Japan hot in attack through six phases. 20m out.

30mins - Offensive penalty against Japan ... Labushagne pinged for the old truck and trailer. Carty clears to halfway. Amanaki Mafi's day is done, looks like a pretty bad rin injury ... Michael Leitch is on in his place. 

29mins - Murray clears after seven defensive phases. Lineout for Japan just inside the Irish half. 

27mins - Japan are up for this .... they are throwing the ball about and the Irish defence looks a bit panicked. They need to hold onto the ball though as Mafi with the mistake 5m out. Scrum Ireland. 

26mins - Japan break down their right side through Lafaele who toes ahead ... the chase is on but Stander is back there ... Carty clears .... lineout Japan 30m out. 

25mins - Respite for Japan - they have a defensive penalty. Tumura clears to the 10m line.

23mins - It's a cross-kickathon from Carty - he finds Earls again in a ton of space, inside pass to Kearney who is away....he gets to fulllback Yamanaka who makes the tackle. Ireland with the mistake a couple of phases later and Japan have a defensive scrum. 

20mins - TRY IRELAND - Nice backline set play from Ireland has Stockdale in a bit of space 10m out but Matsushima makes a great ball and all tackle .... they switch to the left, now under advantage and Carty chip kicks .... Carty goes up and bats the ball back to Kearney who dives over and scores. Carty from a handy position adds the two. Ireland 12-3.

19mins - Dominant scrum from Ireland earns them a penalty 40m out - Carty kicks for the line and they have another line out .... 10m out. 

17mins - Penalty Japan - Crowd goes silent out of respect which is a nice touch as Tumura drills it down the middle. Ireland 5-3.

16mins - Tumura restarts and Ireland knock-on .... Japan win a penalty with CJ Stander ruled to have been offside at the ruck. Tumura will have a shot from in front ... 30m out.

13mins - TRY IRELAND - Midfield break from Ringrose has Irland hot on attack. Keeping it tight now through nine phases and they have an advantage - Carty with another cross kick and Ringrose climbs above Matsushima to score. Great try that. Carty from a wide angle on the right hand side can't bring it back. Ireland 5-0.

11mins - Ireland not interested in attack - Carty kicks at third phase, but it's poor and Tupou clears to halfway. 

9mins - Great clearance kick from Tumura finds touch on halfway. 

8mins - Mafi penalised for a tackle off the ball and Ireland have a handy penalty, but Carty goes for the cross-kick to Keith Earls and it's on, but the ball bounces into touch and Japan have the lineout 5m out. 

7mins - Japan through seven phases but Himeno is pinged for holding on .... O'Mahony did great work at the breakdown to win his side the penalty. Carty finds touch 30m out. 

6mins - Ireland concede a ruck penalty .... O'Mahony pinged for not rolling away. Tumura with a shot at goal from 45m but he pulls it to the left of the post. Ireland 22 restart. 

5mins - Japan go close. Lafaele grubbers from the 22 for Matsuhima who is winning the race but the bounce is poor and Stockdale forces for the 22. 

3mins - Japan earn a turnover inside their 22 and the quickly shift before Nakamura kicks .... Kearney replies and Japan haul the ball back. Break through the middle by No.1 Inagaki and Japan are on attack.

2mins - Ireland through four phases before Carty goes to the boot - winger Tupou clears but only to the 10m line. Lineout Ireland.

1min - Carty kicks off and Japan clear through Tumura to halfway.

We're underway....

7:15pm - Anthem time inside a packed house at the Shizuoka Stadium.

7:12pm - Overcast conditions which the players will appreciate given the heatwave hitting Japan at the moment.

7:10pm - Players and officials about to head out onto the park - biggest game in four years for Japan as they look to cause yet another Rugby World Cup shock. 


Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Pool A clash between Ireland and Japan at Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa in Fukuroi.

One of the pre-tournament favourites can all-but book their spot in the quarter-finals with a win while Japan are looking to cause a sporting boilover - much like they did four years ago against the Springboks. 

Commentary will be available from 7:15pm.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest from The Cup 19 podcast team below.

Referee: Angus Gadner
Assistants: Jerome Garces and Matthew Carley 

TAB betting odds: Ireland - $1.05  Japan $8.50

Line ups:

Japan: 1-Keita Inagaki, 2-Shota Horie, 3-Jiwon Koo, 4-Luke Thompson, 5-James Moore, 6-Kazuki Himeno, 7-Pieter Labuschagne, 8-Amanaki Mafi, 9-Yukuta Nagare, 10-Yu Tumura, 11-William Tupou, 12-Ryoti Nakamura, 13-Timothy Lafaele, 14-Kotaro Matushima, 15-Ryohei Yamanaka 

Reserves: 16-Atsushi Sakate, 17-Isileli Nakajima, 18-Asaeli Ai Valu, 19-Wimpie van der Walt, 20-Michael Leitch, 21-Fumiaki Tanaka, 22-Rikiya Matsuda, 23-Lomano Lemeki 

Ireland: 1-Cian Healy, 2-Rory Best, 3-Tadhg Furlong, 4-Iain Henderson. 5-James Ryan, 6-Peter O'Mahony, 7-Josh van der Flier, 8-CJ Stander, 9-Conor Murray, 10-Jack Carty, 11-Jacob Stockdale, 12-Chris Farrell, 13-Garry Ringrose, 14-Keith Earls, 15-Rob Kearney
Reserves: 16-Sean Cronin, 17-Dave Kilcoyne, 18-Andrew Porter, 19-Tadhg Beirne, 20-Rhys Ruddock, 21-Luke McGrath, 22-Joey Carberym 23-Jordan Larmour 

Pre-match banter: All Blacks wary of high tackles before Canada match

The All Blacks are focused on getting their tackles right at training, before their second Rugby World Cup match against Canada on Wednesday.

Tackle height has become a lightning rod through the tournament's opening week with a red card and three yellows handed out for dangerous hits. 

Australia winger Reece Hodge was also suspended for three-games for a high tackle on Fijian flanker Peceli Yato, while England second-five Piers Francis could face the judiciary over a similar offence. 

Five days before the All Blacks take on Canada, hooker Codie Taylor insists they are conscious of tackling form at training. 

"The best we can do is go to practice and practice techniques," Taylor says. "I'd rather go low and avoid the risk of a penalty."

Any contact with the head will result in a yellow card at best and - at worst - a red, and prop Joe Moody knows the best way to avoid being penalised is to aim low. 

"The only way to get onside with the ref is to make sure you don't do anything near the head," Moody says. 

"It doesn't matter whether its a heavy shot and the guys gets knocked out, or whether its a graze.

"You've made contact with the head, you're still going to get the same penalty for it, so you've got to stay away from anything high"

Taylor understands that a wrong decision could mean elimination from the tournament in Japan and he'll make a conscientious effort. 

"We're making sure we are disciplined and I think pool play is a great chance to instil those habits.

"They could cost you three points, which could cost you lifting a cup or going onto the next round."

All Blacks fans will need no further reminder of the impact of a yellow card after Scott Barrett's three-week suspension for his high shot on Australian captain Michael Hooper last month. 

The All Blacks were sat down before the tournament began, and told what was expected and what each suspension would be. 

But Moody understands that most of the time, a high tackle will be an accident. 

"I don't think anybody is out on the field, trying to put a high shot in," Moody says. "I think 99.9 percent of the time, it's accidental - just slip-ups and that sort of thing."

"I guess, if you get a suspension for something, then it might make you a bit wary."