Rugby World Cup 2019: Octopuses predict Japan will beat Ireland, but not reach quarter-finals

Two octopuses have predicted that Japan will beat Ireland at the Rugby World Cup, but will not progress to the quarter-finals of the tournament, which starts next week. 

Octopuses from Obira in Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido, selected the outcomes of the hosts' pool matches by moving to certain areas of a children's pool, divided into sections representing each team and the possibility of a draw.

Despite predicting a surprise win over world number one Ireland, the two octopuses anticipate Japan will lose their remaining three matches to Russia, Samoa and Scotland.

Japan coach Jamie Joseph has set a target for his team to reach the quarter-finals for the first time. At the last tournament in 2015, they failed to advance despite winning three of their four pool games.

It is not the first time an octopus from Obira has predicted sports results, but Japanese rugby fans will be hoping it is not as successful as last time.

Last year, an octopus named Rabiot correctly predicted the outcome of all three of Japan's matches at the Russia 2018 soccer World Cup.

After the tournament, Rabiot was sold at market meaning two new molluscs were needed and both were given the name of the previous psychic cephalopod.

Japan begin their World Cup campaign against Russia in Tokyo on September 20.

Paul, the oracle octopus, won global fame in 2010 by accurately picking the outcome of a string of Germany's soccer World Cup matches that year.


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