Rugby World Cup 2019: Spark Sport customers furious with Australia v Wales technical issues

Rugby World Cup fans suffered another rocky night with game streaming, as Spark Sport technical difficulties again disrupted their viewing.

Sunday night saw Wales triumph over Australia in a tense clash in Japan, but many trying to stream the match were frustrated by the coverage, with complaints about vision lagging and audio issues.

The most prevalent issue seemed to be fans hearing two commentaries at the same time near the start of the game.

"SparkSport bonus! Welsh and NZ comments at same time [sic]," said one person on Twitter.

"Spark Sport absolutely nailing it, two commentaries being played simultaneously over each other," said another. 

Spark Sport later released a statement, saying while it believed the platform "performed well", there were initially "production issues with the audio feed from TVNZ" that were "quickly resolved".

"Similar to other recent match days, the Spark Sport care team helped a small number of customers during the evening with device and set-up issues."

But while the dual-commentary issues may have been fixed, many others complained online that they had various issues with the coverage. 

"Furious with Spark Sport," said one person. "Watching #WALvAUS until the 76th minute when the stream stops, says there are too many devices with the account.

"Account had been signed in only on the device we were watching on. Restarted the device to get it going only to see the fulltime score.

He later said it "ruined one of the best games of the World Cup".

Another person had a similar issue, saying they missed the last four minutes of the match, but others were happy with their coverage.

"Everyone is quick to complain and there was definitely something amiss with the picture vs live action audio on WAL v AUS but overall #sparksport it's all been up to expectations," tweeted one person. "Even streaming via two devices, a new TV and a 7 year old iPad.

"Well done," said another. "High quality feed all night."

Spark Sport spent much of the night responding to social media complaints, trying to help customers find a remedy to their issues.

The provider said the audience peaked at 115,000 viewers for the Wales v Australia match, making it the second-highest audience since the All Blacks v Springboks game, which saw widespread coverage issues. That prompted Spark Sport to make the game live on TVNZ.

Any customer who had issues with Sunday night's coverage can contact Spark Sport.

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