Rugby World Cup 2019: Wallabies coach Michael Cheika claims it's 'us versus everyone else'

Michael Cheika has adopted a siege mentality at the Rugby World Cup, making the extraordinary claim that the sport's authorities are against his team in Japan.

Cheika unleashed his fighting words following the three-week suspension handed down to winger Reece Hodge for a high tackle against Fiji.

The Wallabies are adamant Hodge's tackle didn't meet the red card threshold and are still considering an appeal.

Cheika was fuming after the judiciary's report highlighted its "concern" that Hodge was unaware of World Rugby's framework for decision-making on sanctions around high tackles.

The comment painted the Wallabies in a poor light as teams have been told that players and coaches should be up to speed on the newly introduced regulations.

Cheika feels the framework is for referees and officials, not players, who are taught to avoid high tackles without needing to know what sort of sanction they might face.

He found the comment unnecessary and couldn't fathom why it was released.

"I think there's a part of it, and I've spoken to the boys about it, there's a bit of us versus everyone else, and we know that," Cheika said.

"I'm not sure where it came from and why they put it in the judgement.

"We don't need a framework to tell us where to tackle. We're not teaching anyone to tackle anywhere else except the middle, where we can dislodge the ball.

"We've wanted no obstacles to derail us, and we're not going to let them get to us."

Cheika won't have won friends in authority with his roasting earlier in the week of Fiji counterpart John McKee, who he accused of abandoning the spirit of rugby by referring Hodge for a citing.

Asked if he would keep pushing for clarity from World Rugby or to offer some advice, the feisty coach smiled.

"I can tell you right now, if there's one bloke World Rugby's not listening to, it's me," he said.

"No matter what language I speak to them in. I'm respected by my players here so no matter what happens we'll get out on the field and start battling away on Sunday [against Wales]."

The deadline for an appeal is tonight.

Cheika said Hodge would probably make the final call over lodging it.

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