Auckland rugby fans get rowdy following Rugby World Cup semi-final upset

Kiwi fans in Auckland's Viaduct watched in shock and disbelief on Saturday night as their World Cup dreams quickly became a nightmare. 

"[I'm] devastated, really down man, but that's the game,' one heartbroken fan told Newshub.

While All Blacks' fans went home disappointed, England supporters celebrated their 19-7 semi-final victory, with chants of "England, England, England" breaking out across the city's bars. 

"Having lived here for eight years and never seen us beat the All Blacks... as much as I love New Zealand as a country, I'm very pleased we beat them," said one England fan.

Some couldn't wait to rub the triumphant win in New Zealand's face. 

But while the celebrations got underway in the city, in the North Shore suburb of Devonport, a group of Kiwi fans seemingly didn't take the loss too well. 

English pub The Patriot's prized Mini Cooper, named Myrtle, had her windows smashed in - but her Union Jack printed roof remained unscathed .

"I came down and there was glass everywhere," said the pub's duty manager, Matthew O'Hara.

O'Hara was working on Saturday night when the vandalism happened. He says it followed an incident at the pub, where disgruntled All Blacks' fans became aggressive after the game. 

"With the celebration of the English fans and the anger of the New Zealand fans we had to ask some people to leave," O'Hara told Newshub.

After being kicked out, the group headed in the direction of the parked car - but there's no other evidence they're responsible for the damage. 

The Patriot's owner says the conduct is disappointing, especially if the incident turns out as a case of All Blacks' fans being sore losers. 

"It's just disappointing, it's disappointing for the Devonport community, it's disappointing for New Zealand as a whole," said The Patriot's owner, Mylam Dunstan Sloan.

While the loss was hard to accept for some, others took it on the chin.

"It's only another four years," said one hopeful fan.

And for anyone feeling particularly down on Sunday, at least you don't have a permanent reminder - unlike the guy who prematurely tattooed an All Blacks 2019 World Cup win on his arm.