Live updates: Rugby World Cup 2019 - USA v Tonga

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Tonga 31 USA 19


Tonga 31 (Fisiihoi, Hingano, Piutau & Veainu tries; Takulua two conversions & penalty, Faiva & Piutau conversions) USA 19 (Teo 2, Lamborn tries; MacGinty two conversions)

80th minute - US are penalised for offside, but Tonga decide to scrum. They should take the kick and burn up time.

The hooter sounds. Tonga coaching staff are not happy.

TRY to Vaeinu

Ball goes left from the scrum, and Augspurger puts a kick through for Vaeinu to collect and force. Owens is checking for offside and needs convincing, but eventually awards it.

Piutau lines up the kick in his last test and converts.

79th minute - US try to run the ball out of defence, but Pakalani makes a crunching tackle to turn the ball over. Tonga lunge for the line, but the pass is forward, so Owens calls them back for a scrum - Tonga feed.

78th minute - TRY to Lamborn

Owens goes to the TMO, calling for a scrum, but replays show Lamborn making contact with the base of the post. MacGinty wastes no time slotting the conversion.

77th minute - Americans win the lineout and hedge towards the line through their forwards. Lamborn lunges at the posts.

75th minute - US go right through Lasike, then left again, but Tonga smother a grubber kick.  Pinkelman puts Faiva under pressure and US win a lineout throw five metres out.

74th minute - Vaeinu tries to flick the ball back infield, but he's already in touch.

73rd minute - Tonga make ground down the left, but US snaffle the ball and mount an attack. Campbell is eventually bundled into touch.

Tonga win the lineout and quickly toss it long left.

71st minute - Civetta pushes off a couple of would-be tacklers, but immediately drops the ball with the line in sight.

70th minute - Lamborn charges off the halfback, but knocks on. Tonga's advantage ends and the US turn the ball over again.

They have another attacking scrum.

69th minute - Owens has been corrected by his touchie and rules a knock on from Tonga, US scrum feed.

68th minute - US lineout ball on halfway, with a perfect chance to mount an attack, but they knock on.

66th minute - Mullen threatens to break the line, but they turn the ball over. Owens explains the mistake and awards Tonga a defensive scrum feed. 

65th minute - The Americans are obviously tiring here. MacGinty gives Teo some space on the right though.

62nd minute - Try to Piutau

Manu makes a burst, Fisiihoi makes ground and Kalamafoni is tackled with the line open.

When the ball moves left, Piutau charges through the defensive line to score. Faiva converts.

58th minute - TRY to Hingano

The Americans lose the ball in the tackle, Veainu kicks long and Hingano wins the foot race, sealing the try with an extravagant dive. That's risky, considering the number of times they've dropped the ball today.

Takulua converts.

57th minute - US are trying to mount an attack, lock Mullen threatens to break the line and they put together 17 phases.

55th minute - Tonga win the lineout and Takulua finds a long touch.

54th minute - De Haas breaks from the ruck and loses his boot in the tackle. US put a kick through and it bounces terribly for the Tongans, who eventually hacks at it and the ball deflects into touch off the Americans.

53rd minute - Hooley hoofs it long and finds space. Faiva finds touch near halfway for Tonga.

50th minute - Takulua lines up the kick at goal from in front and slots it.

49th minute - Vaipulu runs off the back of a lineout and Tonga earn advantage at the breakdown. It's kickable and they're looking to the posts.

48th minute - Tongans look likely again, 10m out, Vaipulu runs strongly towards the line, but they lose the ball again and US clear.

47th minute - Americans have the ball, but big effort from the Tonga forwards turns the ball over inside the US half.

46th minute - Vaipulu makes a big break from the scrum and the ball travels left along the Tonga line... but Vaeinu's last pass is ahead of his wing, into touch, with the line open.

44th minute - US try to move the ball left along the backline, but Hooley mishandles and Tonga will have the scrum feed.

Prop Halanukonuka is off for Tonga, replaced by Maile.

43rd minute - US and Tonga playing forceback to start the half. Nine straight kicks and finally De Haas finds touch inside the 22.

Five metres out from their line, Tonga win the linout and Faiva clears upfield.

41st minute - USA kick off and Tonga try to muscle the ball out of their 22 with the wind at their backs.

They find touch inside the US half.


USA 12 (Teo 2 tries; MacGinty conversion) Tonga 7 (Fisiihoi try; Takulua conversion)

Tonga have done more than enough to lead this game, with 69 percent territory and 62 percent possession. They've carried more than twice as many metres as their rivals - 363 to 151 - but their handling has really let them down.  

40th minute - Americans are mounting an attack, but Kilifi is hit hard in a tackle by Vaipulu and the ball goes forward.

One last scrum before halftime. Tonga feed and push - a big push - and they draw a penalty.

After the gong, they kick to the line for a lineout. Lousi wins the throw, Fifita tries to flick a pass behind him, but it's knocked on again and play ends for the half.

38th minute - US get the lineout feed - it was deflected by Tonga - but manage to turn it over. Tongan hands left them down again and Americans clear.

37th minute - Tonga shove the scrum, but US try to clear their line, before kicking. De Haas eventually finds touch near halfway.

35th minute - You're kidding. Tonga win an untidy lineout and Fisiihoi chages to the line, but loses the ball as he falls to the ground.

34th minute - Lolohea fields a long kick, but finds his progress blocked. Owens has warned Lamborn for offside, but he continues and concedes a penalty.

Tonga kick for touch.

33rd minute - Vaipulu charges towards the line, but loses the ball forward. So frustrating.

32nd minute - Good continuity from Tonga, they swarm towards the posts, but US defence is good.

31st minute - Tonga launch an attack towards the posts, but lose the ball forward. US have a defensive scrum and little mistakes are costing Tonga big time.

Big Tonga scrum again, but MacGinty clears.

28th minute - Long kickoff from Tonga and Al-Jiboori drops it cold. Tonga scrum inside the 22.

26th minute - TRY to Teo

Americans inside the 22, pushing forward and when they throw a long pass, Veainu has come off the wing and Teo is all by himself to touch down.

MacGinty's conversion drifts right.

24th minute - Tonga are trying to clear a ruck, but the US counter and earn a penalty in the Tongan half. They kick to touch.

21st minute - TRY to Teo

Al-Jiboori makes a half break, as the Americans mount an attack. When the ball goes right, Teo is on the end of the line - he's just come on for Scully - and slices through the defence to score.

MacGinty converts. US have also brought on Olive Kilifi for prop Eric Fry.

19th minute - Tonga take the kickoff and try to break out, but they're playing under advantage for a high tackle and Owens brings them back for a penalty.

17th minute - TRY to Fisiihoi

Fisiihoi sparks a break and Lolohea runs down the centre of the park. As the forwards pile into the breakdown, the prop is there to finish the move beside the posts.

Takulua converts.

16th minute - USA showing some continuity and De Haas kicks high, but Lolohea leaps to claim and Tonga break out again.

14th minute - US defensive scrum, big shunt from Tonga, but the American forwards give De Haas a platform to clear from.

13th minute - Tonga throw long to a lineout and Lousi is there to claim it off the back. The ball goes left, but the final pass from Veainu goes astray again.

12th minute - Tonga win a lineout against the throw and pour onto attack. Hingano puts a kick through that dribbles into touch.

11th minute - More inaccuracy from Tonga. They lose the ball and the USA clear - they had the advantage and Owens comes back for the penalty.

10th minute - US try to mount an attack, but lose the ball, Tonga counter with a long run down the left touchline from Veainu.

Ninth minute - Lousi wins a defensive lineout for Tonga and they clear their 22.

Eighth minute - Tonga win a lineout, but knock on in the tackle. Americans kick long and then Tonga kicks in response.

Seventh minute - Big Tonga scrum, but De Haas manages to clear.

Sixth minute - Tonga launch an attack and charge towards the line, but at the breakdown, they're penalised and US get a defensive scrum feed.

Fifth minute - The US win a lineout and try to break out of their half, but the ball difts forward, so Tonga have a scrum inside US territory.

Welshman Nigel Owens presiding over the game tonight - he lectures both front rows at the engagement.

Second minute - Tonga dominating early stages, but USA win the first penalty and clear their line.


Before kick-off the players and fans will observe a moment's silence for those who lost their lives during Typhoon Hagibis.

Teams will line up like this...

USA: 1-Eric Fry, 2-Joe Taufetee, 3-Titi Lamositele, 4-Greg Peterson, 5-Nick Civetta, 6-Tony Lamborn, 7-Malon Al-Jiboori, 8-Cam Dolan, 9-Ruben De Haas, 10-AJ MacGinty, 11-Marcl Brache, 12-Paul Lasike, 13-Bryce Campbell, 14-Blaie Scully, 15-Will Hooley

Substitues: 16-James Hilterbrand, 17-Olive Kiilifi, 18-Paul Mullen, 19-Ben Landry, 20-Hanco Germushuys, 21-Ben Pinkelman, 22-Nate Augspurger, 23-Mike Teo

Tonga: 1-Siegfried Fisiihoi, 2-Paula Ngaumao, 3-Siosiua Halanukonuka, 4-Sam Lousi, 5-Leva Fifita, 6-Sione Kalamafoni, 7-Zane Kapeli, 8-Maama Vaipulu, 9-Sontane Takulua, 10-James Faiva, 11-Viliami Lolohea, 12-Sioale Piutau, 13-Malietoa Hingano, 14-Ateieli Pakalani, 15-Telusa Veainu

Substitues: 16-Siua Maile, 17-Vuniopola Fifita, 18- Ma'afu Fia, 19-Daniel Faleafa, 20-Nasi Manu, 21-Leon Fukofuka, 22-Latiume Fosita, 23-David Halaifonua


Kia ora, konichiwa and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup pool game between the United States and Tonga at Hanazono Stadium.

While consideration doubt has surrounded the final round of preliminary games at this tournament, with Typhoon Hagibis thrashing the Japan mainland, this game was quickly confirmed on Sunday morning.

The result won't affect next week's quarter-finals draw, but it can affect office sweepstakes around the world, if they include a prize for worst team at the World Cup.

With Canada and Namibia sharing points from their cancelled clash, USA and Russia are the last remaining point-less teams at the tournament - if the Americans can grab a bonus point from this, the Russians will have the wooden spoon award wrapped up.

If the US can finish within 48 points, they will still escape that dubious distinction.

That said, the Tongans have only been slightly more convincing over the past three weeks, garnering a solitary bonus point from their 23-21 loss to France.

The Americans also had their moments against the French, trailing by just three points with 20 minutes remaining in theri eventual 33-9 defeat.

Tonga are paying $1.55 at the TAB to win, United States $2.35.

Japan v Scotland cleared to play by officials

Japan's highly anticipated Rugby World Cup match against Scotland will go ahead, with World Rugby officials deeming it safe to proceed.

The Pool A finale was under threat from Typhoon Hagibis, with a switch of dates already ruled out.

But the typhoon has blown over, and with an inspection of Yokohama Stadium complete, World Rugby has cleared it to be played, as planned, at 11:45pm (NZ time).

Fans have been advised to check transport arrangements before leaving home and plan to arrive early, because entry to the stadium will take longer than usual.

Organiers will operate "significantly reduced" spectator services - including catering and merchandise sales - due to limited venue staff availability.

Fans will be allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverage and food into the venue for personal consumption. 

Scottish Rugby had threatened to take legal action, if World Rugby cancelled the fixture, but is now understandably relieved with the decision to proceed.

"We are pleased our game v Japan is going ahead this evening," said a spokesperson. "It has obviously been an incredibly difficult night across large areas of Japan and Typhoon Hagibis certainly made its presence felt in Yokohama, where the team is staying.

"We pass on our best wishes to everyone affected by the strom and our friends in Japan, who continue to be great hosts."

Scotland must earn four more points than the host nation to progress to the quarter-finals. If they achieve that, they'll face the All Blacks in the quarter-finals.

But if Japan win or collect two bonus points, the All Blacks will face Ireland in the final eight.

While Namibia v Canada has been cancelled, the rest of the three Sunday fixtures will all be played.