Rugby World Cup 2019: Eddie Jones engages in mind games battle with Patrick Gower

'Mind games' has been associated with England coach Eddie Jones this week and he didn't change his tune, when questioned about his tactics by Newshub reporter Patrick Gower. 

England are preparing to face the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup final, arguably their biggest game since reaching the decider 12 years ago in France. 

To add extra spice to the occasion, Jones has been talking a big game and trying to put all sorts of pressure on New Zealand in the lead up to the test. 

But the biggest accusation of all emerged from Tuesday's media conference, where England coach Eddie Jones insisted "someone" had filmed their session from an apartment across the road from the Tokyo training ground.

On Thursday, Gower asked Jones if these spying accusations were part of his mind games. 

"It's always good to have a bit of fun, mate," Jones responded, with a beaming grin on his face. 

Gower continued to press Jones, referring back to his text conversation with All Blacks coach Steven Hansen.  

"I don't think I ever made any sort of accusation that New Zealand was spying," he said. "We definitely saw someone having a look.

"It might have been a Japanese fan, it might have been someone keen on Owen [Farrell], wanting to take some photos."

Gower asked Jones again if they were mind games, before the Australian asked: "What do you define as mind games?"

"This exact talk we're having right now," Gower responded. 

"Then we're having mind games," Jones said, before the media room burst into laughter. 

Rugby World Cup 2019: Eddie Jones engages in mind games battle with Patrick Gower

Jones added that they'd prepared for the match for more than two years. 

"Every team has pressure. Twenty teams started the competition, 20 teams wanted to win it, there's four teams left - everyone's been working towards that.

"It's a great week, it's one of the most exciting weeks in world rugby. You get a press conference [of this many people] you only usually [have] when you've done something bad.

"We haven't done anything bad yet, so it's an exceptional week for us.

"We have had two-and-a-half years to prepare for this game, so we are ready to go. It's going to be a great contest, isn't it?

"Two heavyweights - one dressed in black, one dressed in white. You couldn't think of a better scenario."

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