Rugby World Cup 2019: England coach Eddie Jones makes spying accusations

England coach Eddie Jones has unleashed a tirade of accusations at Tuesday's media conference, including a claim that someone had been spying on his team's training.

Jones said he spotted someone filming from a building overlooking their training ground at Arcs Urayasu Park in Tokyo.

"There was definitely someone in the apartment block [across from the training ground] filming," said Jones "It might have been a Japanese fan."

"We knew from the start that they were filming and it doesn't change anything we do."

Jones said he "didn't care" enough to investigate further.

 Rugby World Cup 2019: England coach Eddie Jones makes spying accusations

The 59-year-old has his own history of spying. He confessed he'd done it to opposition sides himself in the past, before deciding it wasn't worth the hassle.

"Everyone knows what everyone else does. There's no surprises in world rugby anymore.

"We used to do it [secretly film opposition training sessions]. I haven't done it since 2001. There's no need."

"You just don't need to do it anymore. You can watch everyone's training on Youtube. There's absolutely no value in that anymore."

He also took aim at the New Zealand media, who he described as "just fans with keyboards".

Jones insisted that all the pressure would be on New Zealand this weekend, referring to a no-show of hands from the media in attendance when asked who believed that England could win.

"We don't have any pressure, mate. No one thinks we can win.

"There's 120 million Japanese people out there whose second team is the All Blacks. So, there's no pressure on us.

"We've just got to have a great week, enjoy it, relax, rain hard and enjoy this great opportunity we've got.

"They've got to be thinking about looking for their third World Cup, so that does bring some pressure."

All Blacks mental coach Gilbert Enoka will be in high demand this week, Jones quipped.

"I don't think they're vulnerable but the pressure is real. The busiest guy for them will be Gilbert Enoka. They will be talking about it the whole week. 

"It's potentially the last game for their greatest ever coach [Steve Hansen], and for their greatest ever captain [Kieran Read].

"We've been preparing for this game for two-and-a-half years. Even back then we knew that we would play New Zealand in the semifinals. We believe we've built the game to take New Zealand."

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